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Modern Day Missionaries Podcast


Christian Missionary Podcast

Modern Day Missionaries” is a podcast series for Christian missionaries produced by Modern Day Missions and hosted by Stephanie Leigh Gutierrez



Each episode in the “Modern Day Missionaries” podcast is a conversational interview where Stephanie Leigh Gutierrez discusses a practical topic relating to the life of missionaries with guests who are experts in their fields and who work as or with missionaries.

The Guests:

The podcast has featured many exceptional guests such as Rob Hoskins, Carey Nieuwhof, Elias Reyes, John K. JenkinsAmy Young, Bill & Kristi Gaultiere, Robert Barriger, Steve Shadrach, Jamie Aten, Nic Lesmeister, and Marvin Slaton II

The Host:

Stephanie Leigh Gutierrez is the host of the podcast series. Stephanie is the missionary care manager at “Modern Day Missions”.  


Launched in October 2022, the “Modern Day Missionaries” podcast was created to provide Christian missionaries with resources and information curated specifically for them. After hearing of the need for such resources from the 800+ missionaries they serve, “Modern Day Missions” created an area called Missionary Care Resources to help missionaries connect with the resources they need to help them stay on the field and to contribute to their health––spirit, soul, and body. They want to help missionaries be their very best so they can give their very best. By investing in the health of the missionary and helping them to stay strong and serve where God has placed them, they are also investing in the mission of God to continue to reach the world for Christ.


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