Missions in the Modern Day

Missions in the Modern Day is a Christian podcast show hosted by Modern Day Missions. Each week, we share the stories of people across the globe who are engaging others with the message of Jesus. We will talk to people doing missions work in a whole new way, using technology to reach people who have previously been considered unreachable. We will also hear from people who are opening their hearts and their homes, demonstrating tender care for people as a tangible display of God’s love for us all. In each episode of our missions podcast, we will discover what happens in the everyday life of a Modern Day Missionary – the victories, the challenges and the unexpected twists of missionary life. In a world that is changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up, the Lord is giving new ideas and new strategies to people so that they can share the timeless message of salvation. Week after week our missions podcast will share those stories, you’ll walk away challenged, encouraged and looking at your world through the lens of a missionary in the modern day.