Prayer – The Mighty Engine

Aug 23, 2021 | Missions Articles

“Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.” A. B. Simpson

For the last year, as intercessory missionaries we have had the opportunity to pray in collaboration with and for different ministries. One of those is One Voice Student Missions (OVSM), an evangelistic ministry to high schools, based in Pasadena. When they have a student and faculty representative that partner with them, they can go on to public high school campuses and have gatherings to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They work together with local churches where they train and equip them how to adopt high schools and engage the students by having a bible club on campus.

Being part of the house of prayer, we wanted to pray with and for other local ministries so we took the initiative to reach out and extend an invitation to pray. We began to collaborate as two separate organizations that didn’t share a lot in common in functionality, but found our common place in getting to know each other and beginning to partner together in prayer.

In May of 2016, One Voice had a presence in only one high school campus and was uncertain about the future and their ability to continue with that school. We began to pray on a weekly basis focusing our entire prayer meeting on the needs and requests of their ministry. They would give us updates and share needs that they had and we would pray.

Over six months of time, we saw dramatic answers to prayer and expansion for their ministry. One of their leaders shared this with us:

“What we saw over the initial weeks and then continuing months was a stunning and a game changing display of partnership between prayer and missions. We would present requests that would get prayed over for one hour on a Tuesday lunchtime, and before the next Tuesday, we would often would see the prayer request answered with increase.

Because of the partnership with the house of prayer and Dan and Elisa specifically, we are now reaching 4 schools instead of 1 the previous school year, with access to over eight. Our staff team grew from 20 to 34 people (on its way to double). Our church partnership group from 18 to over 60 (triple) active churches within three months!! We have seen supernatural favor in the schools we are active in which would not have been possible without breakthrough in prayer.”

In addition to this, in their initial meetings in three schools, they saw a dramatic number of salvations. In the first school, 35 out of 40 students gave their lives to Christ. In the second school, nearly all 200 who came received Christ and in the third school, 100 out of 250 responded.

The testimonies that came out of the intentional combining of prayer with mission have been incredible. We know that the prayer movement and the mission movement are designed to work in partnership to see the Gospel go forth and we are honored to have been part of this example of that.

By: Daniel Jacobson

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