Aaron & Melissa Cheuvront
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Aaron and Melissa Cheuvront have been pastors and equippers in the local church for over 20 years. They are in love with each other and their 2 adorable sons, Benjamin (4 years old) and Levi (1 year old), who are super affectionate, energetic, and social. The cry of their hearts is to see the Bride of Jesus deeply in love with Him, prepared for the days ahead, and walking in power. They long to raise up spiritual sons and daughters, and to activate mothers and fathers. 

Goshen Society, their ministry, was founded in March of 2022. Goshen means “Drawing Near” and represents a place of Supernatural Provision and Protection for the people of God in times of trouble. From living rooms and back yards, to some of the darkest places on earth; the mandate of Goshen Society is to help people Draw Near to God in worship and intimacy, Equip the Bride, and Release Heaven on earth.