Adam Balogh
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I was born and raised in Hungary. In those days communist ideology pervaded the nation and most of us young people were convinced that there was no God. Yet in all our joys and successes a feeling of meaninglessness and a sense of nothing and no one is ever enough always haunted many of us. As the “iron curtain” fell at the end of the ‘80s and new freedom came upon us I enrolled a student exchange program at my university and went to the States. It is there where I made my first meaningful Christian contact and came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Upon returning home I immediately started sharing my new found faith and began my Christian walk. As I got involved with the church and was being discipled I grew in my understanding of God and His Word and eventually felt a calling for missions and ministry. In the coming years I finished a two year Bible College and went for a year of ministry internship to the States. Back in Hungary I started serving with YWAM in evangelism and missions. Later I transferred to a revival movement called New Jerusalem Community. Here we did all kinds of creative evangelism and church renewal in the cities of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Germany and other countries. After eighteen years of fruitful service I felt my mandate was over with New Jerusalem and began a new approach to evangelism and church planting that is based on small group discipleship leaning heavily on deep relationships and the study of the Word of God. I found that these groups carry the intimacy and flexibility this age requires.
Currently most of our ministry efforts are invested in planting and restructuring churches with this new focus. This work involve mentoring and equipping emerging leaders. We are working in four cities in Hungary and influencing churches and movements in Romania, Ukraine and South Africa. We are also active in creative ways of evangelism like street outreaches, Bible Studies, Alpha Courses, weekend retreats, school outreaches and youth clubs. Another area of our ministry is working towards the unity of the Body of Christ. I am part of several pastor’s forums that work on unity from the grass roots level. And lastly, we are giving marriage seminars with 2=1 marriage ministry. We understand that strong churches are made up of strong families. And families need attention and help these days…
I’ve been happily married with Orsi since 1999. Without her I could not be who I am and could not do what I do. We have four children – one in university, one in high school and two in elementary schools. I am most grateful for my family. We know that God gifted us with each other and feel the immense value of this day after day.