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At the beginning of January, I was burdened to pray for my biological brother, Joseph. Joseph and I were adopted together and have been pretty close for the majority of our lives. He was diagnosed with Aspergers but is very high-functioning in most areas. During the lockdown, I would visit Indiana periodically and could tell how anxious my brother was to get out of the house and have some sort of social interaction. Even now, he is still longing to make something of his life and to thrive. unfortunately, there has not been much opportunity for him to do that with all of the new circumstances in life. For the past few years, I have had a burden on my heart to pray for Joseph as he has transitioned into adulthood and independence. As I prayed for my brother at the beginning of January, I felt the Father’s heart for Joseph so intensely. This feeling wasn’t new to me, but it was brought with a lot of revelation that I had never had before. It also was a time of repentance, crying out for mercy, and the knowledge of how much God loves Joseph and me as brother and sister. In this time of prayer, I found myself saying out of my mouth to the Lord,” I will do anything for my brother to thrive and grow in life!”Jesus then asked me the question,” What if Joseph moved to Missouri to live with you?” Immediately I said “YES!”.A couple of weeks later, I traveled to Indiana to present the idea to my parents. They were so encouraged and said that it was the perfect timing of the Lord. After meeting with my parents, I talked with Joseph and he was an immediate “yes” to the idea. Both of these responses were so amazing and encouraging to me! It was evident that God had His hand on this new idea and He was going to make everything so smooth. Where will we plant our roots?I have been living in Kansas City Missouri working with IHOPKC for 2 years. My heart thrives there for sure. I know that I will be a part of that tight-knit community for as long as God wants me to be. As my brother and I were making plans for him to move to Missouri and live here, we have decided that our desire is to be close to IHOP and the people that we know. Our family lived in Kansas City when we were younger for 2 years before moving to Indiana. So, Joseph and I have a sense of belonging in Missouri and we both feel the excitement of what the Lord has in store for us there.New Beginnings!Joseph moved to Missouri with me on July 21, 2021. He applied for a job in the IHOP community and got it right away! I am so happy that he is in a community that loves Jesus and that we get to be together.


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Financial Needs: $300 per month 

How you can partner with us in this calling!At the beginning of the summer, I felt the grace to buy a house. But, I decided not to buy so that Joseph and I could take things one step at a time. Our new vision is to save some money each month to eventually buy a good house in the coming years. 


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