Adeniyi Adeyeri
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A Journey of Faith and Transformation


Adeyeri Adeniyi, the beloved only son in a family blessed with two daughters, was called into ministry in 2018. This divine calling marked the beginning of a remarkable journey dedicated to fulfilling the goals of God. As a passionate missionary, Adeyeri is committed to witnessing lives transformed and territories delivered both spiritually and physically.


From the moment of his calling, Adeyeri has ardently pursued the mission of preaching the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth. His ministry is marked by a profound prophetic calling, as the Lord Jesus appointed him as a prophet to the body of Christ and to the nations. This prophetic mantle shapes his approach to ministry, guiding his efforts to bring spiritual awakening and deliverance to those he serves.


Adeyeri’s ministry extends across various platforms, demonstrating his adaptability and dedication to reaching a wide audience. He leads an INTERCESSORY PRAYER conference on X and Telegram, where believers from around the world unite in fervent prayer and intercession. Additionally, he runs the RAINBOW SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS, an online educational platform designed to equip and empower emerging prophets with the knowledge and spiritual insight necessary for their calling.


Currently, Adeyeri is actively working in a mission field in southern Nigeria. His work in this region exemplifies his commitment to bringing the light of the gospel to communities in need. Through his ministry, Adeyeri continues to inspire and impact countless lives, staying true to his divine calling and the vision God has placed in his heart.