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My name is Adriana Trejo. I am a director of International Kingdom Connectors Ministries (IKC Ministries) in Mexico. I serve full-time as a volunteer in Mexico.  IKC Ministries was founded by Andy and Flori de la Garza (Flori is my sister).  I am excited to share that I just completed 9 years of serving with the ministry in Mexico!

I have always had a burden to help people that are hurting. Many Christians in Mexico and Latin America are held captive by fear, bitterness, and bondage of their past. Many lack biblical understanding and are very hungry for truth. Others need healing and freedom from generational curses blocking their destiny in Christ. The need is vast.

After I attended a Freedom and Fullness Seminar and received a Personal Ministry Session in Texas, I experienced personal victory and my life was forever changed. This is why I pursued and obtained Personal Ministry Training and went on to be formally mentored and ordained as a minister of the Gospel.

I returned home to Mexico and shared my testimony with friends and family and after reading the Spanish Shadow Boxing book (Boxeando con la Sombra), many learned of the Freedom and Fullness Seminar and requested one be held in Mexico.

In 2014, I along with Andy and Flori de la Garza, led our first Spanish Freedom and Fullness Seminar (Seminario Libertad y Plenitud) in Mexico.  Since then people from all over Mexico have attended the Freedom and Fullness Seminar. I’ve read over 1000 handwritten testimonies of salvations, healing, and miracles including marriages restored, families reunited, addicts set free and physical healings.

In 2015, IKC Ministries was authorized by Dr. Henry Malone to translate Personal Ministry Training (PMT) Manuals into Spanish and since 2016 we trained pastors and leaders in Mexico. It was so exciting to equip pastors with the biblical training they needed to help others. I really enjoy what I do.  I had the honor of traveling from coast to coast to minister the good news and mentor volunteers of IKC Ministries. Several of my family and friends are active volunteers in the ministry because of the fruit it has had in their lives.

FREEDOM IN ACTION: Here are some of the types of ministry IKC Ministries is offering today. 

  • – Freedom & Fullness Seminars
  • – Providing Personal Ministry Sessions (Spanish)
  • – Personal Ministry Training Series (Spanish)
  • – Preaching and prophetic ministry
  • – Encouraging and equipping pastors and missionaries
  • – Training volunteers

IKC Ministries has received 1000s of handwritten testimonies of people like you who had a personal breakthrough and victory in their lives through the ministry.


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