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The literacy program contains the basic components for the kids to start reading and writing. (Zobeida, local leader/volunteer)
Literacy promotes “lifelong learning” and builds skills. This will also allow for the children to study the Spanish Bible.


The music project is based on supporting a local leader (Leider), who is teaching the children to worship songs with guitar and flute.


We gather clothes, food, personal care items.All donated by family, friends and people with heart for the Wayuu.Check Our Social Campaigns here.


we physical train the youth from Rancherias once a week and teach the basic techniques on soccer, we use the CSRM materials as we are global network partners (GNPs) (Partially paused)


since in this city there are no buses or taxis that arrive in the middle of the desert, a motorcycle it’s very much needed.

UPDATE: we now have a vehicle, we received a brand new bike, looking forward for the second one.


What’s Next?

♡ The development of a mission center/ Host house.


¨ONCE UPON A TIME¨once upon a time … it may sound like a love story taken from a book, but yes, there was once.That time when my husband asked me if I would be willing to leave my comfortable life of newlyweds with stable work in the city (Barranquilla) with a baby of months, to move to the deserted city of Riohacha to work with the Wayuu.I know, I know it sounds crazy; but even worse did I sound when I said yes!YES!  We were both called by God to this place long before we met or married. in fact we met on a mission trip to this area. God blessed us with 3 awesome boys: Amzi, Noah and Evan.We have almost 7 years with a clear path and much love for our ministry.Over the years we have grow, we now have a group of  VOLUNTEERS who teach Wayuu youth the discipline of sport, literacy, care of their community through the word of God.The water problem in La Guajira, Colombia has generated social and health problems for many years; affecting both children and adults.In addition to the not so easy access to the communities, there is also a great need for spiritual bread, that is why we carry the word of God to these distant places and with your help the hope of life in the WATER.

know us a little:

Alexander & I (Wendy) met in a mission trip to La Guajira. We have served as translators for more than 10 years in different campaigns (Medical Ministry InternationalE3 partnerscompassionInternational Commission, The Timothy Initiative, Across Borders Ministries, etc.) in different cities of Colombia.  We have been part of the board of directors of a couple of foundations and coordinators of translators and missions, but with the desire to do more for La Guajira than just come a few times a year.



The Guajira is located in the northern part of Colombia, whose capital is Riohacha, and where the majority of the community is indigenous, of the Wayuu ethnic group, and where the greatest need is WATER and spiritual bread. We are currently working remotely from Barranquilla, having our team members work every week on the mission field. There are many ways you can partner with us, contact us.



Barranquilla, Colombia

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