Antonio Hawke
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Future Vision and recent work in North Africa

There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ. You don’t need a brainwash but all you need is BLOOD WASH BY THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, THE MESSIAH. Antonio Hawke is the first to believe in Jesus Christ, from 14 generations of his family history. He comes from a Muslim family background and first met Jesus Christ face to face at the age of 32, but was not yet ready to surrender his whole life to Jesus. About six months later since he just turned the age of 33, filled with anger, rage and hate; he was ready to take his own life and some others with him when Jesus Christ supernaturally intervened. Within the week, he had given his whole life completely to Jesus Christ. And since then, his life has never been the same. Furthermore, his life has been marked by radical obedience to Jesus which is fuelled by the Holy Spirit. He has had two baptisms of fire experiences and had been baptised in water, the Holy Spirit, and love. Miraculous signs and wonders follow him as he loves people and follows his calling. Antonio’s passion is to see people healed, delivered, receive the salvation of Jesus Christ and be set FREE. Currently, Evangelist Antonio Hawke is a Christ For All Nations (CFAN) work-in-progress (ordained) minister for Minister of the Gospel. He has experience in preaching, ministering in healing and the miraculous; at one-to-one, church outreach and mass crusade evangelism in Australia, USA, Tanzania, Ukraine, Morocco and Spain. He is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Summary of Study and Ministry Experience:

Antonio has graduated from bible schools like ‘Evangelism Bootcamp – a navy seal style Holy Spirit lead mass Gospel crusades Evangelism’ with Christ For All Nations (CFAN) USA ministry while he was in the USA on May 2021. He also graduated from the late evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Fire with an ‘Effective Soul-Winning Certificate’ on March 2018 which is an official division of the Christ For All Nations USA ministry in Australia.  He has also completed certificates from the ministry called ‘Streams Ministries International’; ‘the art of hearing the voice of God’ on Jan 2015, ‘Interpret and Understanding Dreams and Visions’ on Jun 2015, and Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Vision on May 2016. In addition, he completed FIRESTARTERS at Stairway College (In Affiliation with BSSM Bethel and Stairway) on Feb 2015. And then following was a team leader and teacher in the following seasons of the FIRESTARTER Australia certificate course.

Furthermore, Evangelist Antonio Hawke also has a lot of Practical Ministry Experiences from mass crusade fields in Africa, the USA, Europe, and Australia to the classroom in church, stadium events, conferences led outreach team on the street, church preaching, school crusades, market place, villages, town squares, cities and more. Here are some more details of this:

Dec 2014 – Current >Evangelist at CFACT Harvest Ministry, Member of GEA, CFAN’s Evangelism Alliance and Various Guest Ministry

Apr 2021 – Jan 2022 >Guest Evangelist, Behold I Am Collaboration with CSVIE Church Casablanca, Morocco And Various

Mar 2021 – Apr 2021 >Guest Evangelist, Collaboration with CFAN USA and Various

Feb 2019 – Feb 2019 >Evangelist, BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) Or Graham Tour 2019

Feb 2017 – Jun 2018 >Coaching and Teaching, Firestarter’s Australia

Nov 2018 – Nov 2018 >Evangelist, Awakening Australia 2018

Nov 2014 – Mar 2017 >Spiritual and Prophetic Consultant, Christalignment

Oct 2015 – Jun 2017 >Worship Team Member, church launch and Evangelism Outreach Volunteer, Hawthorn Fire Church

Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 >Missionary on Eden Beach Mission, Scriptures Union Victoria

Sep 2016 – Oct 2016 >Missionary on Broken Hill, Stairway Church

Miracles still happen today- Evidence/Testimony record

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and he still does miracles.

People’s hands grew out, legs grew out, the weather changed, chopped-off fingers grew out, blind eyes open, def ear open, lame got healed and walked again, body metal disappeared, creative miracles, physical healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing and many more supernatural miracle testimonies witnessed when the Holy Spirit showed up. Epilepsy attacked near death Muslim guy got healed and witnessed the power of Jesus Christ. Casting out devils from city squares in Europe and in America.

Here is a testimony of a leg growing out from the streets of St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia Outreach.

Billion Souls Harvest Visions and Invitation

An Invitation to join a Billion souls’ harvest Vision for Jesus Christ. Come and Join me and Partner with me with prayers and support. To expand and build the kingdom of God, every support and gift counts.