Awo Ainoo
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Hello! My name is Awo and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and the journey the Lord is taking me on.

About Me
I was born in Ghana, West Africa and when I was two, my parents, 2 siblings and I immigrated to London, UK. I spent most of my life in the hustle and bustle of city life and it is there that I came to know the Lord in my teens and in my early adult life, became a teacher working with children and teens from the ages of 11 through 18.

Journey Into The Unknown
In 2011, I started getting uncomfortable in my current job and when that happens it’s usually the Lord indicating to me that He is about to make a change in my life (meaning stepping out of my comfort zone and onto the waters with Him!). My journey with the Lord has been full of twists and turns but in the midst of them all, He has always shown Himself to be faithful and a really good leader. When He made it clear to me that He was calling me to Kansas City, I said, “Yes”, not fully understanding what my “yes” meant or what it would look like.

Two years later, I came to Kansas City, thinking I was only going to be here for a year, get equipped and go back to London. That WASN’T what the Lord had in store for me and during that time, He was turning my heart to the place of intercession and missions (2 areas in which I NEVER thought I’d be called to!). Fast forward to 2015 and as I was attending an annual conference held by the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) called “One Thing”. It was there that the Lord spoke very clearly to me that He had called me into the place of intercession.

Walking Out The Call
In 2018 I became an Intercessory Missionary at IHOPKC where for 25 years, there has been and continues to be intercession and worship to God, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am currently involved in the Nightwatch section at IHOPKC which goes from midnight to 6am everyday. I have the wonderful honour of being a worship leader and a prophetic singer in this section, where I get to partner with the Lord for the things that burn on His heart from the place of prayer and worship.

I have great conviction and vision to partner with God in intercession and worship before Him, to be a voice in the wilderness preparing the body of Christ for wholehearted devotion to Jesus, ready for His return. Every step of the way, God has shown Himself to be a faithful leader and every step of the way, He has caused and continues to cause my heart to grow in love for Him, His body, and the nations.

This is just a snapshot of the journey so far. I’m excited about what the Lord is doing – it really is a joy to share what our Lord is doing and together, go on this journey. I know that He has so much more in store, so whatever it looks like, I count it a privilege that I get to partner with Him and make Him known.