Bailey Redmond
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Bailey Redmond is a full-time, self-funded missionary dedicated to reach the next generation. It is her heart to train, teach, and empower the next generation to build a strong foundation, through their identity in Jesus and to be revivalists everywhere they go. It is her passion to see young people saved, and fully in love with Jesus unto His return. She serves as a missionary with One Voice Student Missions, also known as Gen Z For Jesus & The Jesus Clubs in Dallas, Texas. She is also apart of the prayer room with UPERROOM Dallas. By being a monthly partner, you will create a sustainable impact that will help empower youth all across the world, and allow Bailey to obey the calling of God upon her life in purity. Your gift will help cover monthly expenses such as: rent, bills, transportation, food, tour and event costs.As a monthly donor, you will receive regular updates on the impact of your support and a consolidated annual tax receipt. Read more about our mission down below!


Bailey Redmond leads One Voice’s worship team called “One Voice Music” & has a regular itinerate ministry through leading worship. She helps direct The Jesus Clubs (Est. 2009) by leading trainings, facilitating zoom calls with global Jesus Club student leaders, attending Jesus Club tours across America, creating content on The Jesus Club App to help students be life-long followers of Jesus, and coaching Jesus Club student leaders on evangelizing their campuses for Jesus. Bailey is a key voice for Gen Z For Jesus, which is a yearly gathering focusing on Consecration, Generational reconciliation, The Gospel, and Prayer & Fasting. Our next gathering is 2025 in Florida!

Stay connected to Bailey! She would be honored if you would join this adventure with her! What a joy it is to see Jesus reach a generation!

MISSION  & VISION. One Voice is a non-profit ministry that exists to see every student, on every campus, in every nation saved, discipled, and sent. They have reached students in public high schools for over the last 15 years (since 2009) through The Jesus Clubs.  We have trained churches, faith groups, Students, & leaders all over the world on how to evangelize middle + high schools.  We have trained students to reach their schools in every continent, with the exception of Antartica. Including the 10/40 window! In 2020, One Voice temporarily transitioned into digital missions as many schools began to shut down. The results that followed blew everyone away. There are now Jesus Clubs in over 77 nations, due to The Jesus Club’s Tiktok growing to over a million followers. As a result, Gen Z For Jesus was also launched through an online prayer & fasting movement, that is now a yearly, in-person gathering. God is not done with this generation. This is just the beginning.


Bailey Redmond has been leading One Voice Music since 2016. She has since then released 6 singles, and 3 EP’s. Bailey’s heart burns to worship the Lord, and has found that the expression of worship coming out of this upcoming generation is Holy, gritty, and uncommon. Bailey’s desire is to disciple other worship leaders & musicians into becoming wild ones, who will unashamedly worship Jesus with their musical expression! To Raise up worshipping evangelists!

Bailey Redmond