Kristopher Beall
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“To love the Lord with my whole heart, is my mission. Through doing this, I have experienced a supernatural love for the least of these. I believe that God wants to show how much value and worth they have. He only speaks good and worthy things over His children. My heart and passion is to love on the least. To be a friend that shows them how to walk with God.”

Hi! My name is Kris Beall. I have been with Youth With A Missions for six years, doing various things. From Asia to Europe, I have traveled to over ten countries sharing hope and love to some of the most secluded people in the World. During my whole missions journey my heart has been to simply love the Lord, and through that I have the opportunity to love people with a love that surpasses all understand. When this happens true love is experienced through our Heavenly Father. This is when things are changed forever! In my travels, I have been able to serve multiple times with Middle Eastern Refugees coming out of war-torn countries. It has been an honor to be able to sit with people who have been through some of the worst situations possible. In this time of service, I hear many stories and provide some of their basic needs one might have. All while doing this, they ask why certain people care about them because it feels like the rest of the world has abandoned them. It is in these moments where I get to share about Jesus and the deepest kind of love that can ever be experienced!

It is these beautiful people of the Middle East that God has put on my heart. It is with Middle Eastern people that I have seen such a need and an authentic hunger for Jesus. They want to know more about this God. Some have never experienced or cannot imagine a gentle, all loving, and yet sovereign God.

What Am I Up To?

I am currently serving refugees in the U.S. while preparing to serve Middle Eastern Refugees on a more long-term basis in Western Europe. I will be serving refugees who are coming to their final location for a time being. In the midst of settling into their new home, I will be able to assist them in this transition period. Then, get to continue to invest in friendships once they become settled.

Kristopher Beall

Thank You!

It is because of people like you that do this journey with me that the refugee community is being touched by the Love of God.