Isaac Bennett
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Hello from the Bennetts!

Isaac, Morgan, and their 5 children live in Kansas City, MO. They have served as missionaries in the Body of Christ for the last 20 years in a full-time capacity longing to see the church deepen in love for Jesus through prayer, worship, and intimacy. Much of their time has been spent laboring in prayer as intercessory missionaries in addition to pastoring a church and equipping others in biblical values. They carry a passion for prayer, particularly for Israel and the salvation of the Jewish people.

Isaiah 62:6 declares the Lord has “set watchmen on the wall” who won’t hold their peace until Jerusalem is made a praise in the earth. A key mission of a predominately gentile church is to pray and contend for God’s purposes in relation to His chosen people, those who carry an “irrevocable calling” despite temporary unbelief.

One day, the earth will be filled with the glory of God and praise from the ends of the earth will resound to Jesus Christ, Yeshua.

Love, the Bennetts