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Hello, Thank you for your interest in our Webpage through Modern Day. We have been serving Jesus for 30 years in Marseille / France. You will find more information on this further down the page. We would really love to partner with you in our mission projects in the world. Björn & Brita Lütke

We are working on multiplication of churches in the nations. Our commitment is to see thousands of leaders equipped and churches to be planted, so that the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

  1. We are the founders of EPP-Church (Eglise Protestante le Panier) in the second largest city in France, Marseille. From the beginning in 1992 our hearts burned to reach the nations through church-planting. Todays ministry is centered around church-planting and church-development. Björn is the apostolic leader of EPP-Church with 4 Campuses and 6 church-planting initiatives in France and Austria.
  2. Today we serve churches and their leaders around the world. Marseille is our headquarter. From here in France we go out into the nations to plant churches, to train teams and to coach leaders.
  3. 1. In 2019
    Björn launched a church-network called “Crossing Waves” of which he is the leader today. Today
    this network gathers 80 churches in 25 nations of Europe, Afrika and the Caribbean Islands.
  5. 2. Björn is
    the CEO of BFP International Network. This Network includes all churches founded from churches of the BFP out of Germany. The BFP is the biggest penecostal movement in Germany. 
  6. 3. Björn is the director of training of DCPI Europe. DCPI is a training organisation for church planting. Our aim is to see 700.000 churches planted all over Europe.
  1. 4.    Björn & Brita have started a fulltime discipleship school called “Masters Commission Marseille” – MCM. Björn is the CEO of the Masters Commission Network in Europe called Resolute.

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Project “New Car”

One of the most important tools for our ministry is our car. We spent many hours and thousands of miles our vehicle every year to train churches and leaders. Now is the time to change. Nearly 450.000 km (280.000 Miles) are enough for our old VW-Golf. We want to invest into a new car for around 21.000$. We are still looking for 16.000$. Thank you for considering if you could help us. If you feel in your heart to support us in this project, please click on the bottom ‘donate” and follow the intsructions. 

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We train leaders in more than 25 nations

Our Projects

Mission Center MarseilleOur Mission Center is based in the heart of the inner-city of Marseille. The oldest city of France with its population of 1,8 million people, is a melting pot of cultures. From here our team plans and organizes our missions in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Irland), Caribeans, North-Africa (Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and Israel. 

Mobile Teams on the RoadWe sent the Mobile Teams on the weekends to support our church planting initiatives. They join the church planting launch teams as long as they are strong enough to multiply themself . The Mobile Teams serve through prayer, evangelism and training.

Life FestivalsToday with our teams in France, Germany and Austria we organize in cooperation with church-planting projects our Life Festivals. This is an evangelistic outreach into the community of the new church. We come with our teams, with our Coffee-Bus and with our sound equipment. Every year we reach through our outreaches thousands of people.

The Bridge to Israel We have build a bridge with the aim to bring young Israeli believers in relationship with young believers from Europe, so that they might become partners who will bring forth common projects for the kingdom of God. The aim of “The Bridge” is to help to develop a young generation of leaders for the Israeli ministries through internships in Europe. The strengthened relationships and the grown friendships are our active participation in the battle against a rising anti-semitism.We have opened a fund which allows us to help the young Israeli with finances for his time in Europe. 

TrainingWe train leaders and organizations all over Europe, North Africa and Israel and in many other nations. In our Mission Center Marseille and in the different nations we train every year hundreds of leaders in effective missional training.