Chloe Harbach
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Hi, there! My name is Chloe.

My heart is to see the Gospel advance throughout all nations.

Years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to be a boots-on-the-ground worker overseas. It was a beautiful season of life where I discovered how great the need is for the Gospel. So much of the world remains Unreached — which means they don’t have access to the Gospel or anyone who knows anything about it! They’ve never heard of Jesus Christ before, at all, and they have no one who can tell them.

This is why I love being able to be an intercessory missionary. I get to pray for the advancement of the Gospel in nations that I might otherwise never get to set my feet in! And, I am not limited to one nation where language barriers and cultural barriers exist. I get to “travel” from nation to nation praying as the Lord leads me. I get to advance the Gospel to the Unreached through my prayers.

I believe that prayer is the fuel that drives world missions.

I believe that God hears our prayers — every single one — and when we pray for the Gospel to advance, it does! I believe that when I pray for the strengthening of those who have left home to be overseas, doing the hard work of language learning, evangelizing, and discipling… I believe He hears and acts! So, I am grateful for the opportunity to stand with my brothers and sisters, backing them in prayer, as they work on the ground to bring God’s children home.