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Cindy Riley, As a missionary to the Czech Republic since 2015, Founder of Breath of the Spirit Ministry,  I have a passionate desire to see the captives set free, so they can develop an intimate relationship with Christ. My ministry focuses on deliverance, discipleship, teaching people how to walk out the Word of God, and equipping people for ministry. I lead intercession, hospitality ministries, and Home-groups. I am an author and speaker, and on the Leadership Team at Prague Christian Fellowship.

Carolyn Maiden, Working in Central Europe, I have served in Prague in ministry partnership with Cindy. Christ works through us to bring healing, freedom, and hope. In equipping us, He transforms us to operate completely out of love. In disciplining, we help people find their identity in Christ rather than their guilt, shame, or past. I aim to model Christ’s love, grace, and obedience to the Father to encourage others to step out in faith and live boldly for Christ. I serve as an Elder at Prague Christian Fellowship.

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Two ordinary women were used as Co-laborers with the Holy Spirit to bring about this book; God’s truth will come alive in your heart and you will know His good and perfect will for your life. You will come to know the heart of your Father. He will draw you unto Himself. This book is an impassioned plea from your Heavenly Father to come into an intimate relationship with Him. You will hear Him speaking directly to your heart. In these pages, He will remind you of who He is and how to surrender all to Him. These messages will challenge you to grow deeper in your faith and to be obedient to His will. You will be refreshed and awakened to a life that is beyond human possibilities. It is His teaching manual taking you step by step into a life of faith and obedience. Your life will be transformed from the inside out. This book can help you disciple others. Keep one with you and give one to your friends.

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Cindy Riley

This November, Breath of the Spirit Ministry will be hosting the Holy Spirit Unplugged event. A two-day boot camp filled with workshops, teaching sessions, personal prayer time, testimonies, and breakthroughs in your spiritual journey.

We have a roster of anointed speakers who will bring revelation of God’s Word in the area of deliverance and spiritual breakthroughs. Come expecting to be changed spiritually, physically, and mentally so that you can live a life full of peace, joy, and hope!

The full event will include live translation from English into Czech to ensure that everyone in attendance can fully immerse themselves in the teachings and encounters.

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All sessions will begin with worship by Overflow Prague and will include healing and deliverance ministry.

Accomodation available at the venue – Please contact Hotel Olšanka directly .

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