Cheryl Moye
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A Journey… Panta ta ethne

Always a beginner: To teach and be taught

Mission Statement: To share the love of Christ with the people of Thailand.

Vision Statement: To enrich the lives of Thai children, youth, and young adults with English language skills to improve their way of life, increase their chances at better jobs in the future, and introduce them to the love of Christ through relationship, teaching, and acts of service.

I live and serve in Bangkok, Thailand. I  completed my studies in Thai language including courses in Bible, Thai traditions and culture, and Thai History. I say completed, but really, I’m always learning new words and phrases. I don’t think education ever ends. With that being said, education is critical for the future of the children of Thailand, so I volunteer to teach English to children, youth, and adults. However, it is investing in relationship with the people of Thailand and sharing the love of Jesus that brings real hope. As a teacher, I am able to develop relationships with students and their families. My biggest goal is to love deeply and love well so that I can be an example of Christ’s love.

Future Ministry goals: My desire is to open my own English Center from my home. I would call it Love English Learning Center because everything will be based from God’s love for all. I have taken steps toward this already by hosting free Bible and English Camps.

Love in any language: ฉันรักคุณ,  je t’aime,  我爱你,  te amo,  사랑해요,  ich liebe dich,  Я люблю тебя,  anh yêu em,  kocham Cię,  seni seviyorum,  I love you. The sounds are all as different as the lands from which they came. And though the words are all unique, our hearts are still the same. (Love in any Language-Sandi Patty)

Current Ministries: Private lessons in children’s homes and my own home as well as  free Bible and English Camps at my home. I currently teach 13 students through private lessons and have 5 more students involved in the free camps I offer. Would you like to pray for my students by name? Here they are: Sky 2, Sea 2, Mira 2, Ethan 4, Kinn 4, Matin 4, Ocean 4, Putter 5, Sun 5, Han-A 6, Yaimai 6, Pammy 7, Morin 7, Maylin 7, Minna 7, Saimai 9, Chabelle 10, Nate 20+, Ticha 50+

A Dream and a Vision: I have been moving forward with opening my own space for private lessons and Bible and English Camps. I have a vision for growth and outreach for the at risk, low income children in my neighborhood. I would like to begin free after school group classes and weekend group classes, Bible Camps, and English Camps for this specific group.

Previous Ministries I’ve Worked With:

  • ULC English center – serving with ULC through Our Home Chapel teaching and assisting with English Language and teaching online
  • Bangkok Community Help Group – volunteering to help deliver and hand out donated meals, food, clothes, masks, toys, and other supplies to communities in need, as well as community teaching projects
  • Fun with English Center – assisting with teaching and testing students in English language skills and teaching online classes
  • RTL School – volunteering to help when needed in various ways including translations, computer help, and Thai conversation practice with students


Contact Me: Feel free to contact me any time if you ever have any questions or just want to chat to see what I’m up to! I love keeping in contact with my friends and supporters!


Cheryl Moye / 266 Sukhumvit 93 Phueng Mi 21 / Bang Chak, Phra Khanong / Bangkok 10260 / Thailand / 098-862-7220

WhatsApp: +66988627220



Skype: clmoye77