Travis Damme
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I want to be a part of creating environments for people to encounter the Lord through worship.

I’ve been serving full-time at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City since 2004. My wife was on full-time staff until our 5th child was born. She is now a full-time discipleship coordinator for our kids in our home. We have a big family and love watching our kids grow up in an environment saturated by worship and prayer.

As a musician and sound engineer, my goal is to create an environment where the focus and conversation of the listener goes vertical. Where the music and lyrics change from passive enjoyment, to a conversation with the Lord. My other goal is to help other musicians, singers, and sound engineers grow in their ability to do the same…not only for the listener, but for themselves…that their offering of service would be a place of encounter for them with the Lord as well.

I serve as a Police and Fire chaplain in my city, and I love training good men and women to be better protectors of the innocent.