Donald and Margie Bailey
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About me

How I came to faith
I had the privilege of being raised in a christian home and it was natural for me to attend church. Our church
had a children’s service and I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was about 7 years old. I had polio when I
was 5 years old and remember the church praying for my healing. So for me it was easy to desire to have
Jesus in my heart. When I was 10 years old God healed me to the degree that I was able to walk without a
brace or crutches.

How I was called
After graduating from college I was struggling with my faith and what my purpose in life was. Our church was
having a visiting evangelist and I decided to attend. I still remember that night going forward and surrendering
my life to God as Lord of my life. I was deeply impacted and started wanting to serve him and see others know
Christ like I did. I started working with the youth ministry at our church and discipling some of the youth. After
a couple years I felt like God wanted me to do more and I joined Campus Crusade for Christ staff (now CRU
Ministry) in California. Here I was able to use my accounting skills and learned about discipling and

Skills and gifts I bring to my calling
He has given me the gift of encouragement and serving which opens up opportunities to help people grow in
their faith and find their purpose in life. He has also given me the gift of discernment and compassion so I can
connect easily with people. This then allows them to be comfortable with me and open to talk about their
relationship with Christ. Having a pastoral heart that draws me to people & them to me is a great combination when mixed with a heart for prayer. I’m able to minister to people and show them the Father’s heart and love for them. I
lean totally on the Holy Spirit to guide me and speak through me in mentoring situations.

My strengths
I have a clear focus on ministry and his purpose for my life and that is prayer and mentoring those He brings
into my life. My strong heart for prayer and ability to connect with people through asking questions that draws
them out in conversation. I also have the ability to ask questions that help them find their own answers through
our conversation.

Over our years of our marriage God has given us the opportunity to use our home to host numerous people and speak into peoples lives.