Elana Selvig
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Elana Selvig is a Digital Storyteller, Print Artist, Digital Missionary, Intern Coordinator, and Spanish Tutor.

I am a 6ft tall, dancing, Minnesota girl living in the heart of Lima, Peru. I first was prompted to move to Peru in 2016 after I had graduated with my business degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. I attended the experienciacdv internship in Lima for five months and was enamored by the people, culture, and the ever-present move of God. I followed peace into a temp-turned-permanent corporate position for two years before making a permanent move to Lima in May 2019. I’m on staff at Camino de Vida working with our HI team (Haciendo Iglesia – “Doing Church”), assisting our leadership institute (IDL), and filling in wherever needed. To know more about my life in Lima, continue to read this page AND sign up for my newsletter for personal updates on what God is doing in my life and ministry! ***** Subscribe to the Newsletter! *****


2022 Update

In November 2020, the international borders opened in Peru and I booked a flight to my home state (Minnesota) at the beginning of December for the holidays. I initially thought my stay would last a maximum of three months… not two years… As shocking as that is, I’m grateful that I am able to still work remotely as CDV has maintained steady online growth, and Peru continues to open up!

Recently, I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina in partnership with Highlands Church and CDV. We put on a conference founded on church growth and pastoral soul care. It was incredible to see the Holy Spirit move in the hearts of leaders and pastors that have been in ministry for 20+ years. I had a number of “why God, why am I the one with the privilege of witnessing this?” moments. He settled my query by saying, “your eyes are open to what I’m doing, now be the storyteller on behalf of what you’ve beheld.” So here you are, reading this paragraph, and perhaps wondering how this relates to you. I want to invite you on my journey. Discovery, mountain tops, low valleys, wondrous adventure, I want you to have your eyes opened to what God is doing right now. I’ll do my best to tell the story, make it plain, and sojourn on when times are heavy – or worse, slow. I would love it if you joined in on what God is doing through CDV, Peru, and beyond.

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Financial Goals + Prayer Points

Travel: Flights are a blessing and can be expensive! The average round-trip ticket from Lima to the States costs around $950. My goal is to have at least $1k-$2k ready at all times for flights to-and-from the US as well as other opportunities to travel in South America – and beyond, too! Caminodevida is rapidly growing in global influence and connection and I’d like to take part in it.

Insurance + Retirement: It’s time for me to put my big girl pants on and invest in “adult” things. I see value in preparedness, so for retirement, my goal is to invest 15% of my monthly income in a Roth IRA. For insurance, I’m looking into options here for basic coverage + emergency airlift back to the states. More details to come as I learn the wonderful ways of adulting abroad!

Disposable Income: There are incredible people that I’ve met – and have yet to know – and I would love to bless/invest in them! How powerful would it be to pay for someone’s Lasik eye surgery, or bless a young adult with a cup of coffee, or pay for a year of tuition for a student at caminodevida’s leadership institute (IDL)?


Thank you for supporting me, connecting with caminodevida, and making a difference in Peru. Thank you for seeking to see good spread throughout our world. People are incredible and my hope is to introduce them to a God that wants them healed, whole, and known. You are part of that. If you can’t pick up and “go”, consider going with me.

Elana Selvig

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