Elijah Cohen
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Elijah Cohen is currently in solitude and abiding in obscurity. I am currently listening and obeying, writing what I am told to write. Please consider supporting this journey in prayer and with financial support.

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I would like to welcome you to stand with me and support the ministries that God has me doing in this world by giving.


Hello! My name is currently Elijah Cohen and I’ve spent the last 4 1/2
years traveling, writing, and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ
around the United States and across the globe. I am very passionate
about listening to and obeying the Living God and sharing my
relationship with God with others I meet.

I was raised by pioneer-missionary parents and grew up with 7
siblings as we traveled from country to country, all across the globe,
from Central America to South Asia. I spent from age 4 until 16 with my
family abroad until I left the family to go to college. From 17-36, I
lived my own life in the world until God broke into that life and
changed everything. I have spent every moment since then seeking to
listen and obey God’s leading. It has been quite the journey so far.

I have the gifts and call of a prophet on my life and I feel called
to write books and “GO!” wherever God sends me.

I am currently in deep solitude and abiding in obscurity. I am living by faith that God will continue to provide for my needs. I am continuing to write the book series, The Book Of Benjamin Kareth.

I have already self-published 22 books in this book series called: The Book Of Benjamin Kareth, under my previous legal name: Benjamin Kareth you can find this series on

The first book of The Book Of Benjamin Kareth is available on Amazon’s Vella format in the form of episodes. Read it here:Where All Journeys Begin – Part 1 – The Book Of Benjamin Kareth