Emily Townsend
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Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m a former middle school science teacher-turned-missionary evangelist that simply loves God and wants to bring Jesus to people all over the world.  Jesus is my everything. With a heart for exploration and travel, I’ve lived in the Middle East and Europe and have voyaged to over 30 nations, having the most amazing adventures exploring God’s creation. However, I’m here to testify that the greatest and most thrilling adventure, the one that is of epic proportions and of utmost value, the impact of which ripples into eternity, is the adventure of the Great Commission. It is my hope that you might join me on this adventure…

Whether one-on-one, or on the crusade field in front of thousands, it is my greatest privilege and joy to proclaim the passionate love of our Savior who is relentless pursuit of our hearts. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and as the Gospel is preached, I’ve seen healings follow, such as the blind seeing, all sorts of ailments and diseases being eradicated, the lame walking, and the deaf hearing. Truly, these signs point to our risen Christ who has come to set the captives free and usher the Kingdom of God into this Earth.

Recently, I had the honor of completing Christ for All Nation’s “Evangelism Bootcamp” where I was trained in mass crusade evangelism. Since then, I’ve been making trips to various countries around the globe where I’m involved in numerous and diverse evangelistic endeavors, often seeing the Holy Spirit draw tens of thousands of people to make decisions for Christ within just a few weeks time frame. The only thing we can take to heaven with us is souls, and if the prospect of seeing people receive Jesus on a massive scale stirs and excites you, I ask you to humbly consider becoming a monthly partner with me. Whether you “go” or “sow,” we are part of the same team, and I consider you “in my hip pocket” when I’m over there on the mission field! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me unto the ends of the Earth as we fulfill the adventure of the Great Commission.

Emily Townsend

Jesus is my everything, yet it wasn’t always this way. Feel free to check out my abridged testimony HERE, or for a more in depth look at what God has done and my close-call adventures overseas, check out my interview with Andrew Wommack HERE. I hope you are encouraged that the blood of Jesus has paid for your freedom, your deliverance and your healing. He has truly come to set the captives free!