Carlos Bernales
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Estacion Esperanza is a Christian social project to promote development opportunities for children and youth in the slums of Lima.
In the sandy hills of northern Lima (Peru) there is a succession of slums. The inhabitants of this area live their day-to-day lives without any motivating prospects for themselves and their children.

Here Miriam and Carlos Bernales-Kühni share their lives with children, young people and families. They fight against various social problems (malnutrition, drug addiction, family violence, gang wars, delinquency and much more) in Ventanilla, Mi Perú and Pachacutec (project location).
According to the name of the project, “Estación Esperanza”, they contribute – together with a team of ten employees – to create hope in the lives of these people: By carrying out various programs of social and spiritual development, programs that seek the integration of the whole family such as: Family counseling, sports programs, children/adolescents/youth club, psychological accompaniment, handicraft workshops, etc.
In this way we seek to give tools to families and their children to improve and develop positively in society.
All this is possible with the help of God and the love we feel for our neighbor.