Evelina Smane
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Evelina Smane is a missionary evangelist and minister of the Gospel, ordained by the Christ for all Nations ministry under the leadership of Daniel Kolenda, who is the successor to Reinhard Bonnke.
Evelina is from Latvia, from the city of Riga. When she was 15 years old, she dedicated her life to God and began serving Him and preaching the Gospel around the world.
At the age of 23, Evelina built a church in Tanzania and dug wells with clean water in remote African villages. She has helped hundreds of people. Currently, Evelina lives in Tanzania as a full time missionary and is the official guardian of three children. She is also author of the book ‘Love Will Find a Way’ and has a second book in process called ‘Eyes of Eternity’ (soon to be translated from Russian into English). With all her heart, Evelina desires to see people come to Jesus and fulfill God’s mission on this earth. Specifically, Evelina has a passion to preach the Gospel, reach the unreached with the love of Christ, equip and send them to the mission field to reap the harvest.

My dear friends!⠀To those I know personally and to those with whom only through the Internet: with all my heart, I want to thank you. Thank you for your support! Thank you for your prayers, thank you for sharing my posts on the Internet and thank you for your financial support. Together with you, we can carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ and manifest the love of God through deeds in the most remote corners of the earth.⠀The vision of my ministry is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, bringing the Gospel to everyone, over the entire face of the earth.⠀We will not stop as long as there is breath in our lungs. And when it is over, I believe that our children, both spiritually and physically, will continue the mission of love until Jesus returns.We continue to go to the forgotten, abandoned and dying (physically and spiritually) people in different parts of Tanzania to teach them about the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ.⠀We believe that love is the only force that always wins, never gives up and never stops. Love has a name – Jesus, and healing is His promise to all nations.⠀I pray that every need you have will be met according to the riches of God’s glory. May there always be food on your table, may you always have clean water, a roof over your head and the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ in your heart. Please continue to pray and support us, we need you!⠀⠀With love and gratitude, Evelina Smane Missionary Evangelist