Fernando Marco
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We are a family (Fernando, Elizabet, Valentin and Jazmin) that has decided to serve the Lord. We are passionate about presenting Jesus in an irresistible and understandable way to people that have rejected the path that religion has to offer, but still have a depth need for Him. We have served in every possible role as volunteers and now we are working on a Church Planting Project eager to start a disciple-making movement from which a Church or network of churches will emerge in Cordoba, Argentina.

Fernando Marco

This is me with Ernesto in our weekly discipleship meeting. We have been gathering for a couple of months now, with a Discovery Bible Study approach through the gospel of John. He lives in a city in our area, he worked at our house back in March painting it before we moved in. During that time he shared with me how much he was struggling with the difficulty and hardness of life, and I shared with him about Jesus and invited him for the first time to start the DBS together.
He doesn’t know his dad, he was born to a teenage mom and raised partially by his grandmother. He is a nominal catholic but in our first meeting, he told me that he knew nothing about Jesus or what was the purpose of his death.
But, a couple of weeks ago, during our third meeting, he surrendered his life to Jesus and decided to start following Him.
He is the first fruit of the disciple-making movement we are starting. And, praise God!, it has already started!

Here is a little update on what God is doing in the Cordoba area in Argentina.
What started as one-on-one discipleship meetings with Ernesto (I’ve told you about that in a previous update) turned into a home gathering in the last weekends of December, just before the Holidays. We visited Ernesto and his family twice, and in both visits, more than 10 people from his extended household joined. The teachings of Jesus were shared and invitations to follow Him were extended.
We are planning to keep these meetings going every Saturday afternoon with the hope to see the entire family and their block neighbors come to Jesus. We are confident that a Church will emerge there in Mayu Sumaj town.
Ways to be part of this:
  • Prayers: Please pray for a team to be assembled. We need people to work with us in this discipleship movement we are starting. Multiplication demands workers. Please pray for our kids. We want them to experience firsthand what means to serve others and how joyful is to see people coming to Christ, and at the same time, we want to be present for them and their needs as children.
  • Financial support: If you feel prompted to give to what God is doing here, please do. We are working full-time in our jobs as a designer (me) and a biologist (Elizabet) and we need at least $2,000 a month to free half of our day for ministry. We know things are going to speed up if we are able to free half of our day for ministry.