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Heart 4 The home 

It’s with grateful hearts we welcome you to our page, Heart 4 The Home! We are Justin and Kinsey Higham. We are raising three amazing kids Jaxon, Taitum, Kohen and are licensed foster and adoptive parents. We are from Youngstown Ohio, and currently reside in Hamilton Ohio. We have been married for ten years, and have seen God move in mighty ways. Over the last 6 years God has had us on a specific journey and has rewritten how we see ourselves, God, and his church. We are passionate about making disciples and seeing the fullness of Gods design flowing through homes into communities. Bless your homes, Justin & Kinsey

Our vision is to be a community connected, by people simply walking with God, with one another, and living on mission in their community.  Our desire is to activate people walking in daily obedience with God. We believe as people walk in hearing and obeying the Lord, ministry will naturally flow through homes and into communities! We long to see every home overflowing with prayer and worship. We use a simple and tangible discipleship tool to help people hear and obey God daily. We want to see the kingdom come, and Gods will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.  Our eternal home breaking through into this one and restoring everything it touches. We believe God wants to do that through His kids. We are simply partnering with God to Go after who He sends us, and to send them to do the same. Our desire isn’t to create an organization, but to start a movement of discipleship. A group of people walking hand and hand with the Lord, hearing and obeying Him.     We believe the best way to change the world starts with being a transformed person. That is why we believe this ministry is invaluable. We are committed to  connecting people to their Creator because only He can transform. We believe that our culture is desperate for connection. When this void is filled with the facades this world tries to pass for fullness; it leaves us reeling and more empty than before. The appetite we crave to fill can only be fulfilled by God.  Walking in daily obedience with what Gods plans are for us every hour, we live from complete overflow.       

Our mission is to go and make disciples, and see communities transformed through home ministry. We do that as a community who lives out the mission of go, connect, restore, and equip. We are devoted to equipping people with tools to hear and obey God. We are dedicated to co-labor with Jesus as He RESTORES hearts from captivity and bondage. We are passionate about fighting along side Gods kids, and walking through healing together as we are restored to our true identity- living out a life marked by freedom. We are devoted to walking in daily obedience with God as a community connected. Our desire is to see this family grow by sharing what they’ve been equipped with. We are after what God is after and it’s the hearts of His people. Our desire is to be a community that reflects Garden living walking together in our original design in one accord with God.

Go | Connect | Restore | equip
GO: We’ve been invited to go to who God has, and bring them ‘home’. We whole heartedly believe God has planted us right where we are for such a time as this. God is doing things all around us, and we are available to partner with him. We desire to see individuals restored and walking a powerful life in connection with God. God has given us many opportunities to partner with Him within our own community. We’ve seen healing happen, shared the gospel, and tangibly been able to love on our neighbors. We simply want to see Gods Kingdom come here as it is in heaven.  Foster Care is a major avenue our family is actively living out this mission of ‘Go’. It’s a passion of ours to come alongside other foster families and empower them. We are the village. We’re here to stand in the gap. It’s our desire that we’ll be able to foster more than kids but families and aid in development that will result in a successful reunification. It truly feels like everywhere we go we are given opportunity to partner with God in this mission of “go”. He has ministry everywhere for us, all we have to do is listen.Ezekiel 34:16, Acts 1:8, Acts 16:31-34, Ezekiel 36:24-28

CONNECT: This is where we walk with people daily using “Hear Well Done” discipleship tools. These tools keep us accountable to stewarding our time, thoughts, and money. Our deepest desire is to see people transformed, walking in a restored identity with God and others. The four tools we use are PRISM, PiVAT, Daily Calls, and the 4C’S Accounting tool. PRISM is 5 things you can do in Gods word every day. This helps you learn to hear Gods voice and the plans he has for you. PiVAT is a tool to Obey God every day with your time, hour by hour. Daily calls are how we walk two by two and live a life of fullness, overcoming by the power of our testimony. The 4C’s Accounting tool is a way to obey God and steward the resources he has given you. These are the four discipleship tools we use every day to create a culture of obedience in individuals, homes, and communities. We believe that as people hear and obey God in these areas it will transform the way they see God, themselves,  and others. This is how we keep in step with the Holy Spirit and what he is doing.Hebrews 3:13, Hebrews 12:11Matthew 22:37-39, Matthew 6:24, Joshua 24:15, Revelation 12:11

RESTORE: Scripture tells us that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. More often than not we have missing pieces of our identity because of the enemies lies and destruction in our lives. God longs to restore these pieces so we can live from the truth and fullness of who we are in Him. Our true identity. We have had many tearful, healing conversations with family, friends, and loved ones on our couch. We love coming alongside people and taking back what the enemy has stolen. Returning the keys of authority Gods kids have through Him. We call this ‘couch ministry’. It’s a rare gift to be entrusted to hear peoples trauma and pain, and get to facilitate an encounter and restore their hearts with Gods truth. Seeing people walk away from a time of prayer restored with a deeper truth of who they are is one of our favorite things, EVER! Our vision for the future of our ministry is that we’ll walk together as a community that resounds restoration. We believe a community that resounds restoration is the fruit of community actively pursuing obedience together. Hebrews 12:12-13,  Matthew 10:7-10Proverbs 18:21Hebrews 6:11-12Psalms 145:18James 1:2-4

EQUIP: Our desire is to be a culture of disciples making disciples. We want to activate others through a daily call and empower them to do daily calls with others.  We believe we will see gatherings form inside of homes, overcoming together, through prayer, worship, communion, and testimonies. We long to see unity amongst churches and want to help create discipleship cultures within them. It’s such a joy to pass on the information that has been so transforming to us through trainings & equipping classes. We look forward to more opportunities to come alongside other churches in the future. Our heart is really one to freely give everything we’ve been given! We want to equip others to go to those God has for them. Luke 10:19Acts 2:42-47Matthew 28:19-20Romans 10:9-13John 14:12Ephesians 4:12-16


Heart 4 the Home is a completely support based ministry. Please prayerfully consider joining the mission through  financial giving. We know it’s only through the Holy Spirits prompting that these finances come in. Your gift makes the way for this mission to come to life. May God richly bless your heart & ability to sow into His kingdom!

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