Atila Holo
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It started 25 years ago when God called me and my wife to plant a church in a town where there was not one Evangelical or Protestant church present. Through hard work and endurance our church was established in the midst of Ada, Serbia, a very traditional and religious town. Serving towards our community for decades and investing in people’s lives we gained trust and acknowledgement as truthful believers and a valid church community in the eyes of the town. We are pressing forward accomplishing our mission by reaching out towards kids, teenagers, youth, married couples, families as God leads us day by day by building His Kingdom in this part of the world. God blessed us with three children: Tamas, Renata and Debora. Our son got married with Kitti two years ago and soon added a granddaughter Emily, to our family. It is a special blessing for us as parents that all our kids and daughter-in-law are serving the Lord, helping us in different areas of ministry in the church. Recently my wife, Beata, graduated and finished her Messianic Jewish studies at The King’s University in Dallas. She is teaching and preaching about these very important subjects in home groups and churches in the region.
If you are interested about our ministry and would like to know more of our work here, please be free to contact us.
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