James & Kristin Amos
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Hello, there!

We are James & Kristin Amos.

We are missionaries, originally from Granite City, Illinois.  We are now living in rural Western Kenya, with our three young children:  Edison, Liberty, and Blaise.

God has given us a shared calling as a Christian couple.  We’re partners!  We share a passion for sharing Jesus and training God’s church, with an emphasis on bringing structure and support to the poor and overlooked.  While Kenya is our home, God has also previously used us as missionaries in the United States, Ukraine, Israel, and Latvia.

We want to see the Gospel advanced throughout the world, through raising up non-Western Christian missionaries!



Kristin is the founder and director of Awaken Love International, the 501(c)(3) US branch of Awaken Love for Africa.  Awaken Love provides practical support for the daily needs of hundreds of orphan children in Kenya.  Our family lives among a large orphanage and partnering church, and Kristin has the joy and responsibility of being a Mom to many, many young Kenyans.

James is a pastor/teacher of the Word of God. He is the founder and director of Christian Mission Training Fund (CTMF), a 501(c)(3) which provides scholarships for the theological education of non-Western students.  Further, James is in the process of founding an accredited, mobile pastoral training seminary in East Africa to train non-Western missionaries, church planters, pastors, and disciplers.  James had an extensive background in pastoral ministry, church planting, and missions in the USA.  As a required step towards establishing this new college, James is currently a PhD student (Biblical Studies – New Testament) at one of the finest Christian Universities in Africa.  He hopes to complete his Dissertation and then open the college during the second half of this decade, according to God’s plans and timing.



Jesus has led us to create different pathways for our financial partners, so that the money is transparent and separate.  James and Kristin do not draw any financial support from Awaken Love or CMTF.  Further, these organizations both have virtually zero overhead.  Therefore, all these funds go directly to the people we serve.

So there are four independent tracks for financial partnership:

1.  AWAKEN LOVE – Giving for the orphans we serve.  (Click here.)

2.  CMTF – Giving for theological education (mobile seminary and student scholarships).  (Click here.)

3.  MODERN DAY – Giving for our own personal family needs.  (This webpage – Give below.)

4.  AMOS HOUSING PROJECT – Giving for building the Amos Homestead in Kenya.  (Collected through August Gate Church – Click here, and use the dropdown box “Amos Housing Project.”)



We thank God for your partnership!

We are earnestly following the direction of the Holy Spirit, and we value your prayers.  It is the sincere desire of our lives to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He saved us!  And He is not done saving.



PS – You can view our archive of semi-annual electronic newsletters, by clicking here!