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New life is displacing darkness, as we release the authority of God’s presence over all sectors of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro, and beyond.”

“Igniting” is how I would describe what God’s doing through the BURN 24-7 Omaha Metro gatherings; various denominations, generations and ethnicities coming together to passionately worship The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

Worship Displaces Darkness

Atmospheres have shifted: local coffeehouse customers commented how things seemed different, that it was much easier to enter into purpose for meetings. Further fresh business endeavors have been successfully initiated. Another nonprofit ministry was able to keep their doors open after we BURNed on their land.

New life is displacing darkness, as we release the authority of God’s presence – not only in the poorer and more violent areas, but over all sectors of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro, and beyond. Reparations between church bodies and individuals, salvations, spot-on words of encouragement and healings have happened simultaneously while the majesty of King Jesus is proclaimed in song and word. A man shared how pain in his wrist totally disappeared as he simply entered into worship! A prayer team member reported how she felt bones move into alignment while praying for a young lady who had taken off a forearm wrap. An attendee had been in a car accident a couple months prior and arrived limping with hampered speech, frustrated not to be able to move in worship. After receiving prayer, she walked perfectly and spoke clearly, able to passionately worship Jesus the whole night.

Invitation to Partner 

There are so many more testimonies of emotional, physical and spiritual touches from Jesus! At times, we BURN for different social injustices, or Holy Spirit highlights strategic areas where we are to release His light. God stirred the vision to birth different BURN Creatives – specific gatherings for musicians, artists and dancers/movers of any skill level; to explore displaying His heart through the arts.We are a part of BURN 24-7 . . . a global, missional worship and prayer movement. Started in 2006, there are BURN furnaces all over the world. The Omaha Metro furnace has been building momentum since 2015; over 60 churches and ministries have actively participated, and even more attending. With this movement continuing to grow, the Lord has directed an invitation for others to partner with Him through active involvement, prayer and financial support.

Thank you for considering how God would have you help propel what He is doing. We were created to worship Him. What joy and privilege it is to host His presence together. I would be honored to have you join us on this exciting journey!