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Judy Doughty is a full-time Intercessory Missionary at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. After graduating from Bible College in 1985 the Lord spoke to her in 1986 saying “You are an Anna and will spend a season of your life in the House of Prayer” and 15 years later she left the marketplace and moved to Kansas City to be part of IHOPKC.
Judy has been on staff with IHOPKC and part of the Senior Leadership Team of the Global Prayer Room for the past 23 years. She provides pastoral leadership in the Global Prayer Room and is the Senior Administrator of the Global Prayer Department.
Judy has become the “Mom” of the IHOPKC Worship Teams and is part of the team that pastors, trains and works hands-on with the Worship Leaders and their teams. She loves helping them find their way in the day-to-day of night and day prayer in the House of Prayer; in their discipleship and development of their maturing in the Lord and life in a tangible way.

Here is my house before and after our recent renovations which my dear sister designed for us.