Karl & Alicia Renfro
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Karl and Alicia Renfro, along with their son, live in Kansas City, Missouri. Karl has served as an intercessor and prophetic musician/singer since 2019. Alicia has served as an intercessor, prophetic musician/singer and worship leader since 2016. Both have done this at the House of Prayer in Kansas City, which hosts corporate prayer and worship meetings 24/7.

The majority of their years of serving have been spent in the Nightwatch, which functions during the hours of 12am to 6am. They transitioned to an afternoon schedule to welcome the birth of their first child. They both currently serve the ministry full time in various functions and capacities. Karl and Alicia both serve on a team in the afternoon section throughout the week during the hours of 12pm to 6pm, with Karl mainly serving as the team’s drummer and Alicia both singing and leading worship.

Outside of those sets, Karl works for the groundskeeping crew maintaining the ministry’s properties and Alicia works for the ministry’s business office. They also serve various church services and ministry functions throughout the Kansas City metro area. They consider it a joy and privilege to be part of a ministry that has been praying and worshipping for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 25 years!

Karl and Alicia are committed to the mission of strengthening the global body of Christ and partnering with the Great Commission worldwide through worship, prayer, and the proclamation of God’s Word.