Katie Stuyck
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Katie Stuyck- MIssionary to Lima, Peru




What a unique time and season we are in the body of Christ!I currently completed my 5th year as a missionary serving at a dynamic church called Camino de Vida. Out of all my years here, it’s never become more evident to me that the Lord has called me here for such a time as this! God is working in a way that only he can do.Camino de Vida, prior to the pandemic, had 6 locations with multiple services. Since March 2020, we have not had a regular service in person, and the majority of ministry is taking place virtually through online service and small groups. Although mostly everything is still virtual, the Lord is moving in a significant way! We continue to have multiple online services on Sundays and throughout the week, and we have over 1200 small groups happening with people connecting from all over the world. I personally have had the beautiful opportunity of leading 2 of those small groups every week.As previously mentioned, most of our ministry has been virtual, yet there a small handful of us who have been able to be an extension of the church through our outreach ministry. In this season, I’ve realized more and more what a privilege it is to be out in the community serving people. In this time, it’s not something that everyone GETS to do (because of restrictions), but I do. I get to. And I don’t take it lightly.Every week, I get to go to the church and pack up bags of donations to be handed out to those in need. I also get to serve in Villa Maria for our kids’ outreach (Club de Niños) and our teen girls’ small group (Shine Girl). We have been serving in this community for about 3 years now, and because of our constant presence and care throughout the pandemic, we have built long-lasting relationships with these families. Many of them consider Camino de Vida their home church although they have never seen a service online or been to church in person. What an honor it is to represent Jesus to those families. We have a lot of vision for that community and know that there is much more God wants to do in their lives!Last year, I was supposed to step in as director of our missionary internship and everything was cancelled because of the pandemic. Through that disappointment, God led me to our outreach department where I’ve been able to dig my heels deeper into Servolucion, our outreach ministry. More than ever, it’s clear that God has placed me exactly where I need to be!Join with me!God is working significantly in Peru, and it’s an honor to be part. Due to Peruvian law and the religious visa I’m under, I’m not allowed to receive pay. It takes a collective group of people partnering with me to allow me to serve in Peru. I can’t do it without you. I’m not strong enough to do it on my own. Your prayers and encouragement are held close along with your partnership financially. It’s been a process of learning to trust the Lord with my finances and this journey as a missionary, but I’ve actually found great joy in God creating space for you to partner with me in the work I get to do there. I know that as you join me, God will bless you in return and expand your heart for the world!It’s never a pressured thing, only if it’s something God puts on your heart. If you’d like to partner with me, you can click the link below!