Kayla Patterson
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Hi! My name is Kayla Patterson and I am a U.S. intercessory missionary. In March of 2020, I heard the audible voice of the Lord say, “Kayla, I don’t want to build My house of prayer without you.” When the uncreated God, who needs nothing, WANTS you to join Him in the building and establishing of His house, you say yes. As I step into full-time ministry again, I will be taking up two predominant roles, as well as, some smaller leadership responsibilities in the prayer room. The first position I will be taking is the role of teacher. I will be teaching a 3-month course on partnership development for all future missionaries that join us. This includes inner healing, biblical kingdom finances, stewardship, and practicals on how to create a partnership base in the context of family. My other role will be within the Tampa House of Prayer as communications and operations lead. I will also be in charge of leading and co-leading prayer and intercession sets throughout the week. As well as, overseeing our room managers throughout the week! What a joy it is to build and establish the House of Prayer with the Lord in the Tampa Bay region! Will you partner with the Lord in the building and establishing of the House of Prayer in this region, by supporting me monthly?