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Hello, friend!

Welcome to my support page – where, if you feel led, you are able to donate and be a vital part of the greater mission to serve the nation of Papua New Guinea.


Hello! My name is Kayla, if we haven’t officially met. Thanks for even stopping by here. I have serving the beautiful nation of Papua New Guinea as a full time volunteer.

I arrived in PNG December 2022  and served 8 months as a full time volunteer with the Papua New Guinean based organization called iCare4U.

iCare4U aims to provide respite living through a rehabilitation program to support women and children diagnosed with HIV.“We aim to bridge the gap in support to see a greater understanding of HIV and compliance to treatment. We want Papua New Guinean’s to thrive in their communities, no longer seeing HIV as a death sentence and living a full and successful life.” Education. Counseling. Life Skills.

NOW, I have joined YWAM Port Moresby as a full time volunteer with the mission to deliver health care to the remote villages of Western Province in Papua New Guinea.

I have joined a 6 month training course that is designed to bring healthcare to rural village bush communities. We will have trainings on health promotion, rural and remote first aid, basic health care, community development principles….covering a variety of topics like maternal health, HIV, Infection Control, Child heath, oral health, wound-care, tropical diseases, and clean water & sanitation. All in the context of remote villages that generally do not have access to hospitals & proper medical care.

I will spend 3 months in lecture/training phase and then will go out to rural/bush communities for 10 weeks for an outreach to Western Province, Papua New Guinea to work along side local health workers to bring education & healthy living to people. I know that Jesus brings heart & life transformation but we also believe that He desires for lives to be FULL, thriving, and of abundance.

My first time in PNG back in 2015, I was challenged by the huge number of adults & children I would see with large infected wounds on their bodies. I was saddened by how many people went without because they did not have access to medical care. I was left heartbroken from stories of family members passing away at a very young age due to sickness that could have been prevented. But at that time, I did not have the skills to practically help. (I still don’t. BUT one step closer to being able to help.)

My heart is that through this training, not only will I be able to help bring higher quality of life to those I meet on the 10 week outreach…but that I will also take these skills and help my neighbor, that I’ll be able to help the one that is front of me, that I will be able to deepen my understanding & education so that I can pass that education on to the next person and ultimately that lives will be saved.

That LIGHT & LIFE will be restored, protected, and shared.


While I find myself EXTREMELY blessed and lucky to have this opportunity to live in PNG and serve & volunteer full time, there is the reality of living costs that I will need to cover. Because this position is Un-Paid…and I pay to be here….I need your help to continue to serve this country!


These costs include:- Flights – Visa Costs– Mandatory travel insurance – School fees – Outreach costs – General Living Costs .

Would you consider helping support me in my goal of serving in Papua New Guinea full time? Being able to volunteer for my goal of 1-3 years is not possible without the help of others and any amount TRULY makes a difference.

If you would care to join my mission and donate one time or become a monthly supporter, find the tax deductible donation form at the bottom of this page! 


OR Venmo – Kayorayo


Thank Youuu

I simply do not know how to communicate how much your support means to me. This process has truly been humbling. I feel called and absolutely lucky to have this opportunity to live in papua new guinea and to be able to see this dream come to life – i truly am humbled. Thank you for your support. <3

PLEASE NOTE: ALL donations get a fee of 6% subtracted from the total. If you wish for the full amount to be given, venmo (kayorayo) is an alternative means of donation, or check.