Kevin Kovach
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Kevin Kovach is a missionary at heart. He has been to at least 9 different countries around the world and has travelled around America many times to preach the gospel and to share the love of Jesus with the saved and the lost. Kevin wants to see America and even the globe transformed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Kevin started a missionary journey with God in 2016 when God told him to go to the Circuit Riders (which was birthed out of YWAM). He left university, in which he was studying Physics and Psychology, and he has been living as a missionary ever since. Kevin has a heart for prayer, the Word of God, for the church to be built up and to see the lost saved. 

Kevin has had an amazing opportunity to be apart of many different Christian movements across the world including YWAM, IRIS, Circuit Riders, and Bethel Church. Kevin spent the most of his time in Circuit Riders in which he went from college campus to college campus to put on evangelistic nights for the lost, and to also encourage other believers on the college campus to share the gospel. Then in the summers the Circuit Riders would put on summer leadership training schools for college students to grow them in their faith, their relationship with God, and to encourage them to be leaders on their campus. Kevin spent four years with the Circuit Riders serving where ever he could; he drove the vans, helped out with the schools that Circuit Riders puts on, was a house leader multiple times, and lead outreaches. Within those times of serving at Circuit Riders he also went to join a YWAM base in Germany for a few months and went to Harvest School at IRIS Ministries. In those times God has taken him deeper in relationship with Him. Kevin learned the importance of obedience, the love of God, and the importance of the prophetic. Lastly, Kevin is going to a school at Bethel church. 

Kevin Kovach is currently going to a ministry school at Bethel Church in Redding California! The school is called Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry or BSSM! Bethel has a heart of seeing the gospel transform lives in the market place and to see the mandate of the Lord’s prayer, “on earth as it is in heaven” fulfilled. In this school Kevin is growing in many different ways. He is growing in his identity as a son, how to process pain, and how to live from a place of resting in God. Bethel has been such a blessing for Kevin as there are things in Bethel that he couldn’t get many other places; it has been such a place of healing for him. At the same time it is such a good place to grow in the power and presence of God as Bethel wants to see earth as it is in heaven. There is such a standard at Bethel in which we have to believe that anything is possible with God. There is such a high standard of faith that we begin to dream about the impossible becoming possible! For more information about Bethel church the website is: 

Kevin has a heart for many things within the kingdom of God. One of the main things is to see real christian communities built up the way that God would want them to be established. Kevin is passionate for christian communities to be all around health and overflowing with the life of Jesus Christ. He has a heart for there to be real divine teaching of scripture within the church, as Kevin is working on different manuels currently on different subjects (including the kingdom of God, the love of God, the lordship of God, and ext.) Kevin wants to see churches that are whole and not just good in one or two areas. Though a good healthy church is one that goes out to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and to serve the world in its brokenness. Therefore, Kevin also has a heart for the lost. He wants to see the lost saved and transformed to look like Christ. Another thing on Kevin’s heart is unreached people groups in the world. Many times Kevin has prayed for the unreached people groups of the world to hear the gospel and for people to be sent to them so that they can be saved.