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Welcome to Larissa’s  God adventures in the Middle East!  Since age 5, my dream has been living internationally and sharing who JESUS really is to a hurting world. Currently, I’m studying Arabic, helping at an English Center and starting an agricultural project to learn how to provide jobs for Arabs in my town. I love to go out and find divine appointments to share Jesus, meet with my local friends and pour into them God’s truth and love. I’ve seen God’s faithfulness time and time again to show up, reveal His Presence and touch people’s hearts! At last, the Middle East is my home and my YES is on the table! Where God leads, I will follow…

Our Mission:Know God & to make Him known

Our Vision:To transform the M. East through God’s love, truth and power by raising up sons and daughters to walk in their true identity and freedom.

     The Need in the          Middle East

Most countries have 2% or less of the population who are evangelical Christians, so many people never get to meet a follower of Jesus… These are called “unreached people groups.” Less than 4% of missionaries go to unreached people groups ( “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matt, 28:19-20 The church has the resources and manpower to finish Jesus’ Great Commission in our lifetime!  Let’s go! 

NOW:   I’m studying Arabic in the Middle East.  I’m doing outreach through sharing Jesus, teaching people how to encounter Him and follow Him. I have helped out at an English Center where my organization serves the community as well as starting small businesses through agriculture.

THEN:  My long-term dream is to move to a city destroyed by ISIS with my team and rebuild it spiritually and physically. We will share Jesus and will mother and father new believers to walk in their identity in the kingdom of God, with authority and power from the King of Kings! We will be creating small businesses through bringing in new agricultural technologies and agricultural education.


Leader  Revivalist  Administrator  Outrageous joy + Hope Carrier  Jesus-Lovin’ + Sharin’ Adventurer   I love people, anything outdoors, working-out, board games, and delicious food(spice of life)!!!  

Projects from this year! 

English Center Celebrations: Iftar- breaking fast through feasting with Arab students learning English

                            Teaching Arabs to follow Jesus

                                       My Arab Family!

Want to hear more of how God is moving in the Middle East?? Want to walk in my shoes in a new culture??

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