Zach Lowrie
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We received the call to live in Western Europe in 2008 after taking a trip to minister to leaders of a European-wide youth movement. With nothing but our clothes, two young children, and a desire to be used by God to bring hope to a spiritually dark part of the world, we moved to Belgium in 2010 and lived there for the next six years.
Whilst living in Belgium we pastored in a local church, started the Brussels House of Prayer, started a full-time discipleship school, worked to evangelize to the people of Belgium, and even had one more child. We traveled to multiple nations training other future leaders in the area of music ministry. It has ALWAYS been our heart to serve the local church. Sadly, in 2016 we were forced to move back to the United States due to visa issues.
Back in Texas, Zach has completed the rigorous requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, started his own private practice, and gained the experience needed to work in the field of mental health. He also regularly plays on the worship team at Gateway Church and Life Church on the weekend. Liz was on staff at Gateway Church for a number of years and has gleaned some experience and methods to take with us to implement in the next great church adventure. 
After many trips back to Western Europe these past years, the door has opened to return back to Europe and work in the local church in Amsterdam North. We will serve on the leadership team of Credo Church, Zach will start a private practice, and we will finally get back to where we left our hearts five years ago.
We are now five-strong as our boys, Dutch, Titus, and Finnik are all eager to see God move amongst the people of Europe. We are confident that the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ will become realized. We are dedicating our lives to this work as we seek to serve the church, evangelize to the lost, and train the leaders of tomorrow.

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