Lucy Coons
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Hi! I’m Lucy. A missionary evangelist for Jesus Christ. My heart burns to see lost souls won for Jesus Christ and the Gospel to be preached to all the Nations. The Lord has called me to be His disciple and follow Him as we preach the glorious Gospel around the world and to every creature. I have been trained in preaching the Gospel with the Christ for all Nations (CfaN) FireCamp. I recently went to Zambia for two months where I did missionary work with Christ for all Nations. I had the privilege of preaching at youth crusades, market outreaches, one-on-one evangelism, and assisted at mass Gospel crusades. The Lord is now leading me in August-November 2023 to take my training to the next level as I embark in the journey of being trained as a mass crusade evangelist and in preaching the Gospel in the three and a half month Evangelism Bootcamp with Christ for all Nations. Please consider supporting me on this journey as I serve the community, get trained as an evangelist, mature in the Lord, preach the Gospel from Florida to Africa, and prepare for the ministry the Lord has for me in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world.