Manuel Gutierrez
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Over 27 years ago, in 1987, during the height of terrorism, pastors Manuel and Sonia Gutierrez left the comfort of their Minneapolis home and church to return to Lima, Peru with their four young children. Against their extended family’s wishes, they sold all their belongings to begin a new life and spread the word of God where it was most needed.

Pastors Manuel and Sonia opened their first church in the living room of their home in 1988, offering a safe haven and community support for those experiencing hardship. As their church continued to grow, they expanded to bigger spaces, and in 1992, moved into a large theater.

In order to create fellowship amongst a wide network of pastors, Manuel founded the FIPAC, an international fraternity of pastors. These men have united for positive change and support every Wednesday for the past 24 years, since 1990.

Additionally, in an effort to unite evangelical churches, to create one voice, and to communicate efficiently with the Peruvian government, Manuel started the UNICEP. This organization facilitates an open conversation in regard to political issues between churches and the government.

Manuel and Sonia are the proud parents of four children and grandparents of seven grandchildren, but their family extends far beyond this, as the Gutierrez home in Lima houses over 50 missionaries every year. They passionately continue to pursue their mission work throughout Peru by travelling and organizing conferences across the country.