Melody Hwang
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Hello! Thank you so much for being interested in my story and supporting my journey to share the love of Christ through music and missions. 

My name is Melody Hwang. I was born in Plano, Texas. My parents David Hwang and Wei Chang are Taiwanese immigrants who met at university in Illinois. When I was 8-years-old, my dad became a Christian at the age of 40. My parents got baptized together, and our whole family started going to church. Not soon after I also accepted Christ as my personal savior. 

At a young age I was surrounded by music, my mom being a piano teacher and my dad loving and playing American classics in the house constantly. Naturally I learned the piano with my mom as a toddler, but after a poor piano competition performance I decided to quit. However at the age of 12, God restored my love for the instrument, and I started playing piano again, writing songs, and producing music. The first song I wrote was called “I Know Who I Am” about our identity in Christ.

When I was 10, our family moved to Fremont, CA, and my parents decided to homeschool my younger brother and me. A few years later, they responded to God’s call, quit their jobs (my dad was a computer engineer at the time), and entered into full-time ministry, eventually being ordained as pastors. Seeing the way they lived and led our family by faith inspired me. With each major decision, I learned to seek God’s leadership and move forward in faith and obedience.

The summer when I was 15, at youth camp, I responded to an altar call, overwhelmed by the love of God, and set my heart to serve Him all my life. I started leading worship at youth group and going on ministry trips with my parents and with my church. Mostly we ministered to churches in Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. 

I still remember babysitting children in Nagoya, Japan, as my parents were preaching to the adults. I taught them Bible stories, and they taught me how to count in Japanese. One of the children was a little girl named Miyu, who even visited us in the Bay Area and slept-over at our home. I still think about her and the seed of love for Japan that she planted in my heart.

After graduating high school, I entered into full-time ministry at my church with a focus on worship and music ministry. I helped my church write and produce multiple albums. I also helped build our Harp & Bowl ministry, training singers, musicians, and prayer leaders. 

Knowing I would eventually serve in Asia one day, I resolved to attend only the Chinese service of my church and started leading worship and teaching primarily in Chinese. As a result, I am fluent in both English and Chinese and have written many Chinese worship songs as well as English worship songs. In 2015 I released my debut Christian contemporary album “Suddenly,” fully crowd-funded through Kickstarter, in both English and Chinese.

In 2014, after five years of full-time ministry, I moved to Redding, CA, to study at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Throughout my three years of study there, I was equipped in prophetic ministry, street evangelism, and creative arts. In my third year, I also led groups of students to play live music in local cafes and restaurants as a means of sharing the gospel to business owners and customers. 

From 2018 to 2022, I was at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. I completed their one-year Forerunner Music Academy Chinese course, and the following year I joined staff as a full-time teacher. Classes I taught included Harp & Bowl, music theory, piano, singing, and songwriting.

Then in 2020 August, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I moved to Taipei, Taiwan. My parents had also moved back 1-2 years prior, and we began filming faith-centered family-focused conversations together; I also continued to publish original music and worship-at-home videos. Within three years, my YouTube channel had grown to 50k subscribers. 

In 2021, my original song “美麗翱翔 (Beauty Arise)” won the Golden Heritage Award for the Christian Taiwanese TV network GOODTV Songwriting Competition. And in 2022, I wrote a full-length original Christmas musical and partnered with Zoe Arts Foundation to put on a concert at Taipei 101, performing to a live audience of 600 and another 600 streaming online. 

As a result of my ministry and music background, churches across Taiwan and sometimes abroad, including the UK and Singapore, have invited me to share my testimony and perform my original songs. I thank God for the favor and open door I have to reach and impact Christians around the world.

Then in Spring of 2024, I began to feel a desire to reach and impact those outside of the church. During family devotion one morning, Jesus’ words in Matthew 5 hit my heart. “You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” I felt convicted to reach the lost and not only those who were already in church. I started praying how the Lord would lead me in this way.

A few months later in June I went on a solo trip to Tokyo, Japan, to visit my friend Pastor Esther Morishita. She and her husband Pastor Masa Morishita had planted a church called Awakening Tokyo five years prior. During my visit, I joined them on a few outreaches and witnessed the way they valued discipleship and community. Their fire for God and passion to reach the lost deeply convicted me and reawakened in my heart a love for Japan, which is still one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

I am excited for this next season of my life as I join Awakening Asia in Tokyo, Japan. If God can do it here in Japan, which was formally known as the “missionary graveyard,” God can do it anywhere. For the first year, I will be going through their ministry school (Awakening Asia School of Ministry) and supporting their worship and music ministry (During my visit, I was also able to record Pastor Esther’s original song). I believe God will release many more original songs through this community—songs that inspire love for God and revival. 

Thank you for being interested in supporting my journey. Let us witness together God Awakening Asia!




我叫黃友聞Melody Hwang,出生於德州普萊諾。我的父母,黃國瑞和張瑋是台灣移民,他們在伊利諾州,香檳大學相識和結婚。在我八歲的時候,我的父母一起受洗,我們全家開始上教會,不久之後,我也接受了基督為我個人的救主。

我的媽媽是一名鋼琴老師,我的爸爸很喜愛音樂,並經常在家裡播放美國經典歌曲,所以我從小就在各式各樣的音樂當中耳濡目染。自然地,在幼兒時期就跟著媽媽學鋼琴,但在一次鋼琴比賽表現不佳後,我決定放棄。然而,在我12歲時,神恢復了我對鋼琴的熱愛,我開始彈鋼琴,寫歌,並製作音樂。寫的第一首歌叫《I Know Who I Am 我知道我是誰》,是關於我們在基督裡的身份。









2021年,我的原創歌曲《美麗翱翔》在台灣基督教電視網GOOD TV的歌曲創作比賽中獲得了金傳獎。2022年,我寫了我的第一部,完整的原創聖誕音樂劇,並與卓越藝術基金會在台北101舉辦了音樂會,現場觀眾有600人,座位全滿,線上還有上千人的觀看。


今年,2024年的春天開始,我忽然被感動,希望能夠接觸和影響更多教會外的人。那一天早上在家庭靈修時,耶穌在馬太福音5章中的話觸動了我的心:“你們是世上的光……要讓你的光照在人前,叫他們看見你的好行為,將榮耀歸給你們在天上的父” 。我感到要接觸那些迷失的人,不僅僅是那些已經在教會裡的人。我開始祈禱神會如何引導我走這條路。

今年6月,我獨自去了日本東京旅行,拜訪我的朋友牧師Esther和她的丈夫牧師 Masa。他們五年前在那裡開創了一個叫”覺醒東京”的教會。我參加了他們的一些外展活動,並見證了他們對門徒訓練和對社區的重視。他們對神的熱情和對失喪之人的負擔,深深觸動了我,並喚起了我對日本的愛。日本目前是世界上未被充分接觸的族群之一。