Naomi McKenzie
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My name is Naomi and I am so thankful for all who are taking time to read this! God has begun a great work in my life that has slowly transformed my future. I had never considered that my life would be in missions or even overseas, but I can’t ignore the voice of God when he says, “Go”. I have been blessed to taste the joy and freedom of surrendering my life for the sake of God’s purpose. It has not been easy, but it has been the most beautiful process. As I follow where the Lord leads me, I get to share with those around me how miraculous and kind our God really is. My heart is to go where He sends me, and to do the works through Jesus that He wants to do. 

Over the last year, God has been speaking to me about the nation of South Korea. I honestly had no knowledge about the country or people before God brought it to my attention. As I have been learning and praying, I have seen the great love that God has for the nation. There is a legacy of missionaries being sent out from Korea, and the Lord has begun sending people from around the world to South Korea. I believe that the nations are being sent there right now as a beautiful exchange for the sowing they have done. Korea serves a huge role in revival being spread throughout Asia, as it is one of the few countries in the region that has previously accepted the gospel. 

God has slowly been depositing a piece of His heart for the nation into me. I believe that missionary Ruby Kendrick said it best when she wrote, “I will bury my heart in this land. I realized that this passion for (Korea) that I have is not mine but God’s passion toward (Korea).” My spirit really resonates with her story and the passion she felt towards the nation. If I had a thousand lives, Korea should have them all!

Please join me in prayer for the nation of Korea. Pray that the next generation would not be a lost generation, but found in Jesus. That they would be a generation on fire for God that has a deep intimacy with their creator. Pray that the churches would be filled with a fresh outpouring. That all religion would turn into relationship and authenticity. That the churches would be a place of hope for the people and have trust among them. Pray that the people would find rest in Jesus. That He would be their resting place and He would rest on them. Pray for revival and unity. That there would be restoration and unity among the surrounding nations and that revival would begin to spread.

I take your partnership with me on this journey very seriously. It is not a light weight for me to carry so I cannot thank you enough for wanting to walk alongside me. I ask that you would also take seriously the accountability of praying for me and supporting me. We are sowing together, so may we reap together!!


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