Nehemiah Shao
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Hi! My name is Nehemiah Shao but most people know me as Nemo (yes like the fish). I grew up in the US, but when I was 13 years old my family moved to Taiwan to support a local house of prayer. Being in a Christian household and being the son of a pastor, I’ve always known that I wanted to be in full-time ministry specifically worship ministry.

My whole life I’ve been pursuing excellence in musicianship, but in the context of the house of prayer I have become inspired and captivated by what it means to prophesy on my instrument. From a glance, it may just look like a bunch of people on stage playing music while the people with mics pray and prophesy, but for me it’s so much more than just “playing music”. We aren’t just the background music so the prayer can be more enjoyable, we are prophetic musicians. When we play, we prophesy. When we play, we pray. When we play, we release the songs of heaven. But most importantly, when we play, we minister to the heart of the Lord.

When I get on that stage, I don’t only think about the cool music that we are going to play. I ask myself the question, “What is God going to release from me, and how do I support what God is releasing from those around me?”. There are things that I have expressed to God through my instrument that words could never have achieved. In moments when my own strength failed me, music released the prayers to move God’s heart.  

God has called me to this glorious partnership with Him. It isn’t always easy or enjoyable. There are even days when in my weakness I dread walking up on stage to pick up my instrument. But as I walk in obedience and give my all to Him day in and day out, I receive the grace to know it is worth it, because it blesses His heart. This might be the most important thing I have had the honor of doing in my life, and I will minister in the house of the Lord for as long as the Lord asks me to.