Nicholas Bendor-Samuel
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The Vision – What are we doing in Missions?

is co-leading a project called ‘Returning to Jorsal’ (Jerusalem), which will be supported by YWAM Norway and Norwegian churches/organisations.

The project will involve sending a full-rigged three-masted ship from Norway to Israel in June 2024, as a symbol of blessing and peace. The project is an atonement journey for the part Norway played in the Holocaust and the Crusades.

Simultaneously, Nick also makes time to pour into the local community by regularly worship-leading, pastoring young people and serving the YWAM Grimerud base in Norway.  

Sophia has set up a business called ‘Heavn Collective’ that aims to bring creatives together and to put forward their gifts on an online platform. She will also use it to offer professional life coaching and vocal training.


‍ ‍ The Bio – Who are we?

Hi there, we are so excited to introduce ourselves to you! ❤️

Nick is from the UK and was raised in a missionary family in Tunisia and Malaysia.
Nick has been working with YWAM since 2017, first as a student at their Discipleship Training School and then as DTS staff at the YWAM Kona base in Hawaii. In 2018 God called him to move to Norway to partner with Him in lifting up worship and prayer in Norway and to train young people in missions.

Nick is a pastoral and prophetic leader with a calling to care and mentor younger people. Nick is also a resourceful manager/administrator that comes alongside others to run projects and manage ministry work. 

Sophia was raised in Sweden on the West coast and made a commitment to Jesus as a teenager, though as she grew up she realised she had walked away from Christ. In 2019, the Holy Spirit met Sophia in a powerful way that dramatically reshaped her life.

When Sophia was saved, she walked away from a successful career as an artist and music producer, though Sophia still treasures her gifts and has started a business of her own to bring creatives together as written above.


Support – How to contribute?


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Nicholas Bendor-Samuel

The Christian Radich 

The ship that is to sail from Norway to Israel in 2024.