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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our page. Jenny and I are so grateful for what the Lord has done and is doing around the earth. We are living in such glorious yet sobering times, and we desire to be about our Father’s business, ministering to His heart, serving His Church, and obeying the commission of Christ wherever that may lead us. To that end, we want to personally invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us as the Lord directs. We are trusting the Lord to connect us with a team of friends who are led by Him to help financially support our ministry efforts on a monthly basis and to pray for us.

Currently, I am based in the Central Texas Hill Country serving on staff at Venture Church as the Worship Pastor and Director of the Venture Prayer Room, which serves our community through prayer, worship and missions. We host a space where believers gather to seek the Lord, meditate on His Word, intercede for our world and mobilize for outreach projects. We are committed to serving the Church from the place of ministry to the Lord as we engage in prayer and missions, create resources, train disciples and send them out into the fields of our generation to make Him known. We recently launched Venture School of Ministry where we are laboring to do our part to equip and train a new wave of missionaries who will strengthen the local church and be sent out into the harvest fields of our generation–to make disciples wherever they go. Whether through prayers or finances, every gift, no matter how small, makes a difference. We are truly grateful.

In His Service,

Nick and Jennifer Russo

Ministry Library | Prayer Room | School of Ministry | Venture Church

Nick Russo

*Note (1): Your on-going support will go directly towards our living and ministry expenses included in our monthly budget to help keep us in the field.

*Note (2): While we are grateful for every bit of support that we receive, we always want to urge our partners to prioritize giving to their local church before they consider giving to our ministry.

*Note (3): If you are interested in partnering with us monthly or if you have questions, please contact us here. We would love to personally connect with you if possible and fill you in on our latest updates, testimonies and ministry opportunities!