Timo Jones
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“Beloved, [ because ] God so loves us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11


OTU is simply the phonetic spelling of ‘ought to’.  Seeing this daily is a reminder to encourage and equip youth and families to seek a relationship with Jesus and express His transformative love for one another.

I’m grateful that you are here reading this. It shows that you care and are considering getting involved in the mission of living out love.  My family and I adventure this life by serving others with God’s redemptive mission of seeking to live out love. Having experienced God’s redeeming love in our lives, we want others to experience His transformative love, too! Our family is learning how to express God’s love for others in all seasons of life.

We’re blessed to breathe new life into a small farm renewing the priorities of its pastures to point people towards the Kingdom.  Though stateside, the mission remains: Go and make disciples.  We  promote the good news of Jesus and live out love as a mission in the midwest.


The  Joneses