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Patricio & Patricia Burgos


Back in 2014, we answered the call as a family to plant a church in Santiago Chile. At the time, our pastor who we served under for several years had groomed us for this assignment and sensed the time was right. Since planting AR Ministries on 2015 with seven people, God has blessed his church with three campuses (two in Chile and one in Uruguay) and a K-12 Christian school. AR Ministries is characterized as being a close and friendly church, always in motion, free of limiting paradigms, generous, with a love for serving, purposeful, authentic and with good character. And it is with those values that we celebrate seeing 3500 people come to know Jesus in 2021 alone and 2500 people faithfully participating in small groups.

As we branch out to the USA, we know that this step of faith will require others to come alongside us to support the cause of planting a life-giving hispanic church in Florida. It has become typical for American churches to open international campuses abroad, being that the strength of the dollar can accomplish things abroad faster. However, it is very rare to see a foreign church plant a church in the USA because the opposite is true, foreign currency doesn’t go as far. And yet we believe God has a beautiful church in mind for the Miami area. We already have 26 people on our launch team, and it continues to grow with people finding out about the church plant through small groups and friends. We will be moving to Florida in the summer of 2022 and are believing God for a passionate, prayerful, and generous financial support team. As we answer this call to go, we believe God is moving the hearts of many to be part of this mission.

Thank you for praying for us and the church and for asking God how you can be a part of our support team.  We will also be opening our next campus in Miami, Florida in Fall of 2022.If you’d like to connect learn more about AR Ministries and what we do in South America and the soon to open church plant in Miami, you can reach out to us here. You can also visit our website or follow us on social media.

Our Church


  • Ministries

Each of our ministries is focused on different ages, needs, and contexts, all united by the same great purpose. The ministries are the extended hand of our church which allow us to reach our communities with a specific message. They also allow us to be a family and generational church.

Our ministries are: AR KidsAR TweensAR TeensAR JVNS (youth) – AR MujeresAR Hombres – AR Gold – AR Worship


  • Evangelism (Alcance)

We are committed to reaching the lost for Jesus. We believe that serving our city in a variety of different ways opens the door for us to share where the love that we give away comes from.


  • Leadership

We believe in the great impact that holistic leaders can generate in a community. That is why we pay special attention to the reproduction of leaders. Every week we strengthen our team with meetings and specialized leadership materials, where they can learn and grow. As a part of John Maxwell’s team, Pastor Patricio is constantly imparting leadership principles into the church, be it church leadership or business and civil leadership who call AR Ministries home.


  • Visión de Campus

We want to revolutionize every neighborhood, city, and country we are in. Serving the needs of the community, bringing joy, and filling our surroundings with life is how we go about it. We believe that there should be more churches than any other institution in this world, that is where people can have an encounter with Jesus.


  • Discipleship (Small Groups)

We are committed to discipling people the same way Jesus did, in relationships. We have a wide variety of small groups and create many opportunities for people to be in community with others and they intentionally grow in their faith. more


  • Education

We are committed to educational environments that are Christ-centered and excellent. Our “Play and Group” daycare and AR School are a place where we are teaching students to be passionate and well educated followers of Christ. more


AR Ministries Global Church /

Santiago, Chile


Church is Far More

We believe that the church is far more than what we’ve been led to believe. Every day we wake up with problems and difficulties, but the church is the place where we find rest, wholeness, and growth. No one who comes to church can stay the same, no one who knows God can live the same way as they once did. The church is the best thing on earth, the church is a place for you, it is a gift from God for your life, so enjoy it

Patricio & Patricia Burgos