Porcia Baxter
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Hi! I’m Porcia Baxter. 10 years ago God called me out of darkness and into light and that began the journey of ministry, preaching, and equipping I’ve been on for the last decade. I’m following the call of the evangelist on my life, and my aim is to help equip students and young adults with practical tips for sharing the Gospel in day to day life, in places where they have presence and influence. I’ve found that many students aren’t sharing the Gospel
simply because no one has every broken it down into practical steps that make it easy to understand and follow when it comes to sharing their faith. I want to raise up a generation to live wildly for their faith!

So what I’m planning is a 3-part sermon series:

Week 1: How to Share the Gospel without Sounding Weird
Week 2 – Freedom Ministry
Week 3 – Answering Tough Questions of the Faith (Apologetics)

Ideally, I’d be with the same youth group three weeks in a row. I’d give a short message on the scheduled topic, and then have some time for Q&A. I’d also like to make this training available to the Church free of charge.

In addition to the sermons, I’m planning a participant and leaders Guide so students can take some notes while I speak, and so that their pastors can have some good discussion questions after I leave.

Lastly, I’m a firm believer in “going where the people are.” And it’s no secret this generation is online! They spend so much time on their phones, so I want to reach them there.

I’m launching a YouTube channel called Wild Ones, where I will share a new video each week that will equip and empower believers to share their faith. I’ve already got so many great ideas for content, I know this is going to help a lot of people share their faith!

So…all that said, there are a few ways you can partner with me in this ministry:

1. Prayer. Anytime I step out and do bold things for Jesus, I feel like the level of attack increases. Prayers for the ministry, me, my family, the students who will be impacted, and the lives that will be touched by this ministry.

2. Connections. I do have some connections with youth pastors from doing 10 years of ministry nationally, but if you have connections with a church that might want to have a guest speaker come in who can teach on evangelism, that would be amazing! My goal is to train up 1,000 students in 2023, and I need your help to get there!

3. Finances. This is basically becoming my “part time job” now, so I’m fundraising a modest salary of $18,000 to help me do the work of the evangelist and train up people in how to share their faith. Ideally, I will have all my support raised by January 1, so I don’t have to spend all year fundraising and can focus on the work. That being said, if you would feel led to support me, I so appreciate your gift!!! If you want to become a monthly supporter, there is that option too. And, when you give, you have the option to cover the 6% administrative fee that Modern Day charges for their missionaries. I’m using Modern Day as an umbrella organization, so I don’t have to form my own 501(c) 3, however, long term I hope to move in that direction.

If you haven’t yet watched my Vision Video, you can check it out here:–ScScM0QLI

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership!

Let’s go spread the Gospel!

Kingdom Come,

Porcia B