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About Us

We’re C & S! We are moving to Africa in August 2024 to equip and disciple local sports coaches and teachers to share the love of Jesus and plant seeds of faith with the local community. Our roles will be multifaceted, from leading prayer sessions, bible studies, workshops and training conferences, one-to-one and group discipleship, sports ministry sessions with children and teens, to short-term mission trips to other countries to continue in the same work. God has placed on our hearts a desire to share the good news and to make disciples of all nations as Jesus commissioned us in Matthew 28:19-20.

We are passionate about building kingdom community wherever we live, and it is our priority to love those who God puts across our path well (my wife is so good at this… if you know her then you know). We pray that God will make our new home a place where others can enter and feel the Father’s love and peace.

We have been so blessed to see how God has transformed our lives and directed our steps. He truly is our Shepherd! We have also been deeply blessed to witness the transformational power of the gospel in so many peoples lives who we not only call our friends, but our brothers and sisters in Christ.

After working in international education for the past 12+ years, we are now stepping out in faith in a completely new role. We will be getting a small salary in the local currency (cash only) which does not include health-care, retirement or any other benefits. Therefore, if you would prayerfully consider supporting us financially it would be a huge blessing.

Lastly, the most important thing we need from our friends and family is prayer. We need prayers for Holy Spirit love, grace, strength, wisdom, protection and guidance in all we do.

Much love,

C & S

C & S

How we were called…

The personal reason for joining this ministry is due to the miraculous way that it occurred. After doing the Perspectives course in 2023, we were challenged by a speaker who said “If you are open to going anywhere in the world ask God ‘What language do you want us to learn, and where do you want us to go?’”

With that, I prayed that prayer and approximately a week later I got my first indicator. I was sitting in bed, and I got the impression that we should move to a specific African country and learn their language. I shared this with my wife, she wisely proposed the idea of not telling anyone and to simply pray and ask God for another sign if it is from Him.

Two days later, a friend texted my wife with the devotional reading stating she felt it was for us. The first words were: “Do not be afraid to go down to (specific African country) …”. We then shared this with my wife’s dad, of which he was initially skeptical and encouraged us to continue praying for confirmation. The very next day, he received a word which confirmed we are meant to go to the same specific African region.

Finally, the last encounter came about when cycling to work one morning. I saw a man wearing a Sports Ministry hat. I pulled over and spoke to him, and he was the executive director in town for a few days. We had a 20-minute conversation of which I shared about the word I received about this African region. To which he responded, “my colleague is in (that country) right now, returns tomorrow, and there is a sports ministry over there that need people with your experience and passion to share the gospel” (paraphrased).

With a simple prayer of submission, God made a way!

How great is our God!!!