Rosie Lurie
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 I had this amazing opportunity to go into missions about two years ago. I had attended what is called a DTS which is what’s known as Discipleship training school that follows under the umbrella of an organization called YWAM which stands for Youth with a Mission. YWAM is an organization dedicated to training up young missionaries to be launched in the mission field to preach the good news of Jesus. DTS is an intense 6 month long journey of encountering God, understanding your identity within Him and with the Holy Spirit. It has forever changed my life! There my drive to share the Gospel and disciple God’s people grew immensely. So much so that when God invited me to pursue full time missions for the next 1+ years of my life, after much praying I said yes!

This time around instead of being a student I get to be a staff member sooo after much more prayer I have decided to attend The University Of the Nations at the beginning of April for their RTC Coaching Development in Kona, Hawaii as a crossfit coach. There I will be able to lead and teach students on how to spread the Gospel through fitness, learning how to hear Gods voice, breaking down our pride and rebuilding with him in our hearts, and getting the students physically ready to trek bibles to remote villages through the Himalayas of Nepal. 

I am so passionate about God fearing leadership; leadership that leads with eyes on Jesus and a servant heart. I learned how important this is in my outreach. Good leadership is so needed and I am ready to step up. I want to lead God’s people into victory and share the Gospel wherever I go. 

When we come together as the body we will see the freedom and love of God pour out over the world saturating all of his people. To be sustained as a kingdom worker, I am building a monthly support team. This call is not just for me, I believe God is knitting hearts together to see this overflow come to pass. Thank you for reading and considering joining me.

Wanna partner with me? Here are 3 ways where you can help.

  • Prayer: Partnering with me in prayer specially for being able to lead others well and hearing God’s voice, growing deep in my relationship with the Lord, and lastly being able to make amazing Godly connections with the local community.

  • Financially: I am needing to fundraise 8,000 dollars to be able to live on campus for 6 months. This will be paying for living expenses like rent on campus, fees, bills, food, and other basic living necessities. 

  • Support monthly: I am shooting to raise a sum of 2,000 monthly to be able to live out the life God is calling me to. But I also need lots of prayer monthly! So if you can help financially monthly, praying monthly, or partnering with both would mean the world to me. 

Please feel no pressure to give at all, but if supporting me financially is something that God has put on your heart, you can send your donations directly to my link which is tax deductible! Any and all prayers and donations are greatly appreciated!