Rachel Pittman
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My name is Rachel Pittman but to my campers and those closest to me, I am known as Ruby.  First, Let me thank and welcome you to the page of a very average girl serving the One and Only God.

Growing up, I was always outdoors making mud pies or teaching myself to juggle with the fallen apples in our driveway. God had spoken to me at a very young age through His creation and left me in complete awe of who He is as a creative, loving, and sovereign God- even if I didn’t have the language for it then. I was in 3rd grade when I went away to summer camp for the first time. I fell in love immediately and was thrilled at spending an entire week outdoors on a beautiful campus connecting with my Creator.

The Lord was so kind to me in the ways he would continue to reveal Himself to me in that place in the years to come. He brought me life-long friendships, hardships to learn from, and revelations from His Holy Spirit that I would carry with me forever. Once I was old enough to apply for work, I did so without hesitation and the rest is history. After working many fulfilling summers as support staff, waterfront coordinator, program intern and so much more, I moved to NYC for further discipleship and missions training, but ultimately knew that camp was where I was meant to be.

An opportunity for a full-time position became available to me at the camp where I grew up. And after weeks of prayer and counsel, I declined the position. Not because it wasn’t healthy or that I didn’t want it (because I did) but because God told told me no. I was left confused but believing that the God I serve is faithful and would bring me to what He had for me in my obedience to him.

Since then, I’ve been living in a season of trusting and preparing- I always was used to working seasonally. Despite not knowing where in the world I was going to be or what I would be doing, finding myself between jobs and in transition, I knew that God knew what He was doing. So that’s the truth I’m resting in while home. But rest doesn’t equate to being idle: I am working in my trained profession as a barista as a means to financially support myself for the next move of the Holy Spirit. As I continue to minister to the locals through the bond of relationship while here, I’m asking those who understand the weight of full-time relational ministry to partner with me in putting Christ on full display in the everyday. If you feel a stirring in your heart towards action, I encourage you to consider sowing financially into this missionary’s heart to see lives changed in little towns, at camp, and across the world.

Currently, I am prayerfully petitioning for individuals and congregations alike to join my support network which consists of prayer warriors, monthly donors, and mission team leaders as I prepare for what’s next. Would you help me build up the storehouse so that when the Lord calls me out, I can in full confidence and with the established support of an amazing community, give God my immediate yes without hesitation?

My heart truly is to help individuals fall madly in love with God and who He has created them to be, even if they don’t yet know Him (bonus points if it happens at camp). So my hope is to educate, equip, and empower young individuals in understanding God and themselves; and the beautiful relationship between the two. This can be happening everywhere from Guatemala to Ireland to Western Pennsylvania. Throughout my young life, I have come to find that my passion is to know God and making Him known.

Being an independent, full-time missionary, any and all finances received will cover living expenses as well as travel and emergency needs. Please know that ultimately whatever I receive is not mine but the Lord’s to do with as He entrusts it to me. Your partnership at whatever capacity  is monumental in allowing me to remain a constant presence in whatever community I am planted…

My mission is to show people a God they cannot see by the way I live, have fun, serve, and love.

If you are interested in learning more about my calling or how to partner with me message me on Facebook. Thank you in advance for your investment in me and the ultimately the Kingdom of God. Blessings and Amen.

Rachel Pittman

In Genesis, we read about the creation of mankind being for purpose of living in community with God.

In Matthew, the believer is called to connect with people and invite them to be discipled as they seek Jesus.

In John, it’s clear that God lives within perfect community among Father, Son, and Spirit.

Later in John, God’s deep unwavering love for the world is highlighted as the singularly most important thing to Him- that no one would live apart from community with Him forever in eternity.

If these biblical truths don’t scream out the necessity of community and relationship, I’m not sure what will.